Tweak It: Fallout 3/New Vegas

The fanbase that BioWare established with Dragon Age: Origins is clearly still split by Dragon Age II which I asked you to tweak last week. A number of you still seem to just want Dragon Age Origins 2 but I have to wonder if that would have just led to comments that BioWare had done nothing to develop the series.

[drop2]Some of the comments about a lack of continuity serve to highlight how important it is with Dragon Age to have played through the DLC for the first game and to preferably have a save game to import to the second. The events in Dragon Age: Awakening help bridge the two games in both story and returning characters while Witch Hunt helps tie up a significant loose end. The other DA:O DLC is more standalone though Leliana’s Song expands her background which is very relevant to DA:2 and its own DLC.

Some of you also seemingly haven’t played or returned to the game since its mid-April patch that added the “Auto Attack” option that saves you having to repeatedly press the attack button as well as fixing a host of other issues and niggles.

2ofclubs brought up an issue that both myself and MayContainEvil had forgotten about until reminded:

My main annoyance with numero 2 is that only Hawke could equip different armour. That just seems like a huge and pointless step back as far as I’m concerned. I like to see the other characters evolve visually as I play and accrue as sorts of armour.

While it is true that the upgrades to your companions armour that you pick up during the game do slowly develop the look of the of their apparel the only dramatic change in their appearance happens should you romance particular characters. That is in stark contrast to the complete freedom offered regarding clothing your party in Origins.

This week I would like you to tweak both Fallout 3 and Fallout: New Vegas. I have not played New Vegas but from what I know of the game it changes little other than setting for the game besides adding the optional hardcore mode with its weighty bullets and need to eat, sleep and drink.

Leaving aside the fact that both games suffer from more than their fair share of bugs that seem to have affected some players more than others, what I miss in Fallout 3 is any real sense of engagement with the characters or locations. There seems to be no development of relationships beyond them being someone to talk to to get a quest and somewhere to go to do it.

The other thing that I would really have liked to deepen my Fallout 3 experience is a much greater number of songs being played on the in-game radio stations. The songs that are there are certainly well-chosen I just wish there were many more of them as the repetition becomes wearisome far too quickly.

What tweaks would improve your experience and enjoyment of post-apocalyptic America?




    Pretty much everything you can wish for as Fallout tweaks may already exist in a mod.

    • Unfortunately, you can’t access these on the consoles though.
      Brilliant resources though.

  2. You know that thing where you move from one area to another? Don’t crash. Or, when you open a container to loot what’s inside? Don’t crash. Or whenever you go to speak to a character? Don’t crash. Just, generally, give me a story I can engage with, and enjoy, without having to be forever rebooting my PS3. That’d be nice.

    • This x100 and this is also the reason I won’t be buying Skyrim straight away. I’ll give Bethesda a month or so to patch atleast the first couple of 100 bugs that are bound to be in there.

  3. haven’t played FO in a while but from what I remember I have little to no complaints I guess some kind of a guild system would be fun, more effects when using drugs, a mod has done that already though, more effects when in hardcore mode, and I guess an ACTUAL sex scene would be nice not the lame ass one they have where the girl just sleeps on the bed and you join her its retarded it truly is.

  4. Never had to restart due to a crash…*touches wood* :) But what could be better is that there are no game breaking glitches like the platinum chip in FO:NV disappearing for ever and ending a possible ending to the game!

    Apart from that: Smoother frame rate, more accurate shooting as the hit recognition is awful), more emotional characters too

  5. Yay, My spelling mistake made it in there! I meant ‘all sorts of armour’.

  6. In terms of Fallout tweaks I’d of love to have seen a multiplayer option of some sort. Not in an MMO style but more like the up to 4 player co-op in something like Borderlands.

    Sadly I can’t see how that would happen since the VATS system could mean you spend a large amount of your time paused. Unless it’s something that all players have to agree to do then they get a time limit to input commands. Hmm…

  7. New engine make the animations human like not robotic have more things to do and make it so i can actally play without being forced to use Vats and cicadas f**k cicadas

    • What about punctuation? Would you like to see some of that?

      I would. :)

  8. Don’t have the character stand still and everything pause around you when you have a conversation;
    More polished gunplay;
    Far better animation, especially walking and facial animations;
    Better textures and models;
    More emotional depth to the characters;
    Not so many f**king bugs and glitches;
    AAAAAAAAAAnnnnnnnnnndddddddddd Better framerate, particularly on PS3.

  9. I’d like to keep the alien stuff out of the fallout universe, guess I’m just not a fan of the alien blasters and mothership zeta. And it’s not exactly a tweak, but I’d love a fallout 4 to be set in a post apocalyptic, 1950’s New York, that’d be top banana!

    • aliens have been in all of the fallout games so to not have them would actually be bad, in new vegas if you didnt take wild wasteland you dont run into the aliens, plus you have to remember that the games are in an alternate reality where the 50’s just stayed and they were believers in aliens

  10. I would basically scrap the engine used if i was in charge when it was being developed as the Gamebryo Engine struggles to cope with the changes made to it for Fallout 3. Fallout New Vegas is not as buggy as Fallout 3 but still does have a lot of bugs.

    For Fallout 3, i would change the story as it is a bit weak and linearish. I would keep the growing up in a vault bit but add more detailed quests during the years so that you would get an idea of what it is like growing up and to estabilsh a bit of backstory. I would make DC bigger with more explorable ruins and have the skills affect dialogue. (basically, the elements from Fallout 1&2).

    For Fallout New Vegas, it’s pretty much the engine and more quests. Also increase the size of the Mojave wasteland.

    • Yeah, the best tweak would be porting it to the new engine. Skyrims engine looks impressive, particulary the field of view. Did you know the Gamebryo Engine and its AI can’t handle ladders? That’s why there’s none in Fallout or Oblivion.

      Also, I’d add more colours to the game. Sure it’s after a nucular fallout, but still, I recon there should be more green vegetation and it would make it look far more interesting IMO.

      • I liked the setting to NV more. I don’t wan’t vibrant colours or anything. I wan’t a barren wasteland, and NV did it perfectly for me.

      • I knew that and decided to not mention it due to how embrassing it is. Even a game engine from the 80s can handle that task.

        I liked both settings but prefered F:NV’s one. And I haven’t gone back to Fallout 3 since owning F:NV. I would like to see a setting simular to the older Fallout games. I would like to see a return to the Core Region as i think the balance is right. Not too much brown/ not too much green. :)

      • I worked myself backwards though the series starting off with NV then 3, so haven’t played nay older titles.

      • I haven’t played the older titles either but have Youtubed the hell out of them. Both Fallout 1&2 are on my to get when i get a desktop PC. :-)

      • ahh fair enough, I have had a scour at them over on amazon :P Would love an announcement for fallout 4 soon ;)

    • I’d just hope for the next consoles to do things right with hardware… Fallout 3 and NV was fine but the Embryo Engine maybe was out of date at the time.

      Maybe there would’ve been more ruins? but I wonder if its just the consoles limits…. I know there’s been so many great games, but this gen as been to me, known to be quite limited… Screen Tearing, loads of bugs… disc limits… Memory.. Mandatory installs… long updates…. 6th gens and PSP/handheld have been more better or bigger content…. (RPGS blah, blah, blah) etc etc ect

      maybe Fallout would benefit more if consoles was a bit more close to pc’s like memory and disc speed?, bigger worlds, more content, less bugs, better optimized engine and better gameplay, no?

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