Bastion Now Available for PC

The absolutely delightful XBLA title, Bastion, is now available on PC through Steam. Originally part of the Xbox Live Summer of Arcade promotion, Bastion was expected to make its way to the PC platform in time.

Available for £11.49, or for £13.59 including a copy of the soundtrack (discounted by 20% right now – it should be £16.99), it’s at a good price, albeit slightly more than the XBL equivalent of 1200 MSP. The soundtrack is also available at a 50% discount of £2.99. It’s still definitely worth that and more; Bastion should not be missed.


In fact, Dan scored it 10/10 in his review, praising the dynamic narration, stunning visual style, brilliant soundtrack, though struggling to convey just how good it is in words. I feel the same way: just buy it, you won’t be disappointed.



  1. It’s not coming to PS3 is it? If not I’ll grab it later tonight!

    • It is, they said they’d start making it after they finished the PC version, which they started after the 360 version.

    • It’s not been ruled out, but I’m not sure if there’s an exclusivity deal.

  2. Not sure whether to pick it up on steam or wait till it comes on the PSN next year. (my guess)

    • I’m stuck with that conundrum to. I think I’ll try wait for the PS3 version, unless steam has an irresistible sale.

  3. This looks fantastic, been eyeing it up for a few days now. It has a brilliant 90’s JRPG feel to it, like what Wild Arms, Tales of Eternia or Grandia would look like if they were rebooted properly.

    • Actually, just noticed that there’s a demo on Steam too ! (Jackpot)

      • Same here, fella. 306MB demo and I’m keen to see if it’ll work well with mouse/keyboard. If not, I’ll retire to the Xbox instead.

      • Oh, good stuff! I’ve been unsure about this, so a demo will help a lot..

  4. I’m going to pick this up for sure, but I want to use a game pad for it over keyboard though – is a standard 360 controller best to use or something else..? (PS3-only owner so I’d have to buy one regardless)

    • Wired 360 controller works for PC straight off, PS3 controller can be configured but is a little more complicated.

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