Z.O.E. Going 3D?

Hideo Kojima has been a bit of a tease. Taking pictures from around the Kojima Productions office, he put the shot below on Twitter followed by “what’s this?”

Well, it seems to hint at Zone of the Enders 3DS. Then again it could be an abandoned concept that’s being shown “for the LOLs” to wind us all up.


We shall see (or not).

Source: Andriasang.



  1. ZOE EOZ?

    • The second part doesn’t have stops after each letter, so (in my opinion) it isnt a mirrored image. Plus the look of the letters differ.

      • Indeed, it’s definitely a ‘D’.

  2. Doesn’t that say Z.O.E. 3DS?

    I’m sure it does.

    • It would make me much happier if they’d left the DS off the end of that.

  3. If it is a new ZOE game, I would go out and buy a 3DS right now! Or soon. But all it seems to have are remakes.

    • “But all it seems to have are remakes.”


  4. Z.O.E 3DS would mean I could expand my 3DS game collection up to potentially 3 titles! (including MGS: Snake Eater 3D). I’m excited!
    Seriously- I hope that lack of available titles is the reason that Sony aren’t planning on unleashing the Vita in the West this year.

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