Tweak It: Killzone 3

Last week your task was to tweak Forza Motorsport 3.  I had trouble coming up with any ideas to improve what our review called “a breathtakingly complete simulation” on its way to awarding a very well deserved 10/10.  To the game’s credit there were only a few suggestions for how it could be improved with a number of you agreeing it was hard to fault.

  • Refine ‘Season Play’ so it offers a more compelling experience that’s easier to play more of; make it feel like less of a grind. ~ mynameisblair, scion_t
  • Improved wheel support.  A gaming wheel can represent a significant investment so having one that we could use for both consoles would be very welcome. ~ LewisJ999, nemesisND1derboy, DirtyHabit
  • Introduce a day/night cycle and dynamic weather. ~ aerobes, wick15

If the Helghast wanted peace and understanding they shouldn't have gone with the glowing orange eyes.
Time for a change of both platform and genre now as this week I would like to know how you would tweak what is arguably the PS3’s dominant exclusive FPS, Killzone 3.  Though I really enjoyed Killzone 2 my experience with the Killzone 3 multiplayer beta left me cold.

I did not like the slightly lighter feel to the controls; the heft of the controls in Killzone 2 was one of the games standout features.  The progression in multiplayer in Killzone 3 also seemed to be moving towards the perk-based systems in other ‘modern’ FPS’, when I much prefer the perk-less-ness of games such as Warhawk.

It is probably safe to consider that Killzone 4 is inevitable so what tweaks would you like to see made to the franchise when it returns?



  1. For me on the multiplayer I would:
    – remove all the perks/ribbons, that is not killzone and is just GG trying to be CoD.
    – improve the clan system back to the way it was on KZ2.
    – balance the classes properly with no assault rifles in sniper class; & either revamp spot & mark or get rid; every game ends up playing like radar on.
    – have custom rooms from launch with ability to edit every game setting.
    – have some sort of playlist where it has competitive rules, like competition playlist on bops.
    All I can think of for now; in my opinion KZ3 was a huge step back from KZ2, pretty similar to how Resistance 2 was to R:FoM and they haven’t learnt seeing that Resistance 3 is even worse.

    • Agree wholeheartedly with this post.

      Was a huge step back from KZ2 for me. Just like KZ3 did, Res 3 is removing custom lobbies. Why they do this is beyond me, and to not add a barebones playlist (more aimed at R3 here but applies to both) when people are requesting it is ignorant. Go look on My Resistance, they brush off the requests. So people are forced to play with these shitty overpowered abilities/perks. Have a bit of individuality.

  2. More angry shouty men.

  3. Bring back the split-screen modes from Killzone 1.
    It’s the bread and butter of multiplayer shooters, and some of the best fun I had on PS2 was split-screen Killzone.

  4. I’ve thought about this long and hard prior to this thread, It was a frustrating sequel in some ways and It would be good to think that if a fourth iteration in the franchise appears, Guerrilla will take the best elements of killzone 2 and 3 and make a truly awesome fourth instalment.

    Contrary to all the hype, I thought the story in Killzone 3 was weaker than Killzone 2. In spite of the lengthened cinematic cut scenes, it wasted a lot of dramatic opportunities by bumbling along with clunky dialogue at the expense of a good story. We were left with utterly stupid plot points such as ISA deciding to get picked up roughly in the epicentre of the nuclear ruined Helghan capital city. When that unlikely situation didn’t fry them, poison them and generally erase them from existence , they then wound up in another unlikely situation of hiding in an alien jungle eating spiders for six months while the native technologically superior army couldn’t locate them. Hiding….for half an Earth year…undiscovered…insecty jungle… I don’t even want to think about the distance everyone would then have to travel on drop ships to go from a furtile jungle to a polar region, without being spotte on radars, running out of fuel, you know, things that an intelligent person might think of and decide ‘this is just implausible crap’

    Killzone 4: Get your sh*t together and get the story right, that includes getting an ending right, you know, the kind that makes you think ‘That’s a bloody cliffhanger, I can imagine so many dramatic tangents from here that I can’t wait to see what they do with the next instalment’ instead of ‘Oh.’

    Having said that, the online has been good. It seemed that everyone really liked the Operations missions. I guess it would make a lot of sense to listen to the volume of people shouting ‘Moar Operashuns!!!!!’ and maybe put some DLC out to satisfy demand. Not do something daft like make lesser versions of maps that were superior in the previous game, and announce early in the DLC cycle that ‘We’re definitely not going to do any more Operations maps for this game’ :-/

    Don’t get me wrong, Killzone 3 was enjoyable…once I adjusted to the fact that It just wasn’t as nice to look at as Killzone 2. They removed some kind of motion blur/graphics filter, in spite of having more detail, it looked less realistic.

    Bring back spawning on squad leaders!

    Maybe bring back spawn grenade but perhaps make them last less time in enemy camps to prevent base raping or whatever its called.

    These are a few of the obvious things, Killzone 3 had a lot to live up to, I don’t think it hit the mark and technologically there was no reason why it couldn’t. The darker tone of its predecessor was one of the reasons it was such a standout game, we don’t need cheap characters like Jammer, just do a good, effective story that you can mentally buy into and take note of the more intelligent, constructive feedback and Killzone 4 could be an excellent game.

  5. I think they should ask the bloke who writes the story to write a story for a videogame, not an overlong movie. The campaign for KZ3 was so short that I thought there must be some glitch that meant I skipped a part. My first playthrough took less than half of the time it took me to complete KZ2. I felt somewhat ‘betrayed’ by Geurilla, that said I do enjoy the meets, but only because everybody is there to have fun. I find online games with randoms extremely frustrating.

  6. Give us full campaign four player online coop. Crank the difficulty up and let teams roll. Thats all I would change ;-)

  7. Make it a lot longer! My wife did her nut when I completed my new £100 game in just over 5 hours (I got the Helghast edition and was not popular when those credits started to roll lol)

  8. The main issue for me was the campaign length, too short.

  9. Get rid of the useless twat that is Narville. What a prick especially as he was quite helpful in 2. The single player also should of been longer because as soon as it got going it ended. Now to multiplayer.

    -The tactical spawn system is shit and it just creates alot of spawn camping if your trying to capture one as people still spawn there.
    – The mechs on Corinth are way too over powered and can only be beaten by a rocket launcher or another mech.
    – The invite system is crap as you have to leave the game, lose your score just to invite someone. This is quite simple to solve by putting in custom games as well as the matchmaking system as you could randomly join a game or view all the games. I’ve seen this done in other games so why not here.
    – The spawn points aren’t that good either as the are clear snipe positions to the point and are too close together in some.

  10. First, the biggest issue was the length, CoD might be able to produce a 5 hour campaign, but everybody knows it’s 5 hours because the last CoD was only 5 hours. KZ2 was 2x as long as KZ3, cutting the campaign length in half is unacceptable. Secondly there was too many ammo creates. Third, it was way too easy. KZ2 was punishing on the hardest difficulty, KZ3 was a walk in a park. Forth, too many rail sequences. Fith. Not enough weapons. And finally the story and ending are weak. In multiplayer the biggest issue for me was turret and drone spamming. Turning yourself invisible and camping by doors for easy knife kills. In general I felt KZ3 MP is cheap, and encourages dirty tactics. Every match I played was just a race to spawn kill. The tactical spawn point system only punishes the weaker team. Both sides should always have 2 spawn points. Plus anybody should be able to capture the tactical spawn points. And lastly, it really is intimidating or punishing for new players. Veterans have a huge advantage

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