Tweak It: Killzone 3

Last week your task was to tweak Forza Motorsport 3.  I had trouble coming up with any ideas to improve what our review called “a breathtakingly complete simulation” on its way to awarding a very well deserved 10/10.  To the game’s credit there were only a few suggestions for how it could be improved with a number of you agreeing it was hard to fault.

  • Refine ‘Season Play’ so it offers a more compelling experience that’s easier to play more of; make it feel like less of a grind. ~ mynameisblair, scion_t
  • Improved wheel support.  A gaming wheel can represent a significant investment so having one that we could use for both consoles would be very welcome. ~ LewisJ999, nemesisND1derboy, DirtyHabit
  • Introduce a day/night cycle and dynamic weather. ~ aerobes, wick15

If the Helghast wanted peace and understanding they shouldn't have gone with the glowing orange eyes.
Time for a change of both platform and genre now as this week I would like to know how you would tweak what is arguably the PS3’s dominant exclusive FPS, Killzone 3.  Though I really enjoyed Killzone 2 my experience with the Killzone 3 multiplayer beta left me cold.

I did not like the slightly lighter feel to the controls; the heft of the controls in Killzone 2 was one of the games standout features.  The progression in multiplayer in Killzone 3 also seemed to be moving towards the perk-based systems in other ‘modern’ FPS’, when I much prefer the perk-less-ness of games such as Warhawk.

It is probably safe to consider that Killzone 4 is inevitable so what tweaks would you like to see made to the franchise when it returns?



  1. “I much prefer the perk-less-ness of games such as Warhawk.”

    Yup, level playing field is everything in multiplayer for me. I just don’t get the point of the best players getting the best things, to pwn n00bs even more than their already greater ability allows them to.

    • Definitely.
      They’ve no need for it!

    • Yeah, the beginners get the worst weapons etc plus they have to get used to and learn the maps etc.What is that all about? Always thought it was unfair.

      On the otherhand though, the people that have invested their time into the online aspect of a game should get some kinds of rewards.

  2. I never bought the game and only briefly played the demo but I would say it needs to somehow regain hype. When Killzone 2 came out everyone I knew was talking about it and this time around it was almost released without mention and I don’t know a single person who bought the game. Maybe it’s just me and it is a superb game, I really enjoyed 2 but had no real motive or incentive to go out and buy the third.

    • Not just you, It just wasn’t as good IMO. Enjoyable, but Killzone 2 was superb, the third was just more of the same but with some slight minor points that made it not as good. Anti climactic ending, less weighty controls.

  3. I personally thought they nailed the campaign on Killzone 3, only tweak I would have given it would have been maybe make it an hour or so longer.

    Not a fan of current gen, carbon copy, online multiplayer anyway so any comments I would have would probably be unfair.

    • I felt like there was a good chunk of the story missing, which could have been expanded by playing as Rico and Jammer when they get seperated from the main team. I also wish they’d brought back secondary fire modes, as well as playing as multiple characters, a missed opportunity I reckon. Still, move controls were implemented brilliantly, and the multiplayer, while not flawless, is certainly the most fun I’ve had online in a long time

  4. Refinement in the vehicular sections. It can be an absolute pain sometimes to get through due to not seeing an enemy who kills you and can often lead to trial-and-error tactics.

  5. By releasing single-player DLC which puts you in a room with Rico tied to a chair and a baseball bat.

    • Actually, I didn’t mind Rico in KZ3. He acted a lot more competently and turned out to be really helpful in the single player.

  6. I much preferred KZ3 to KZ2.

  7. A lot.
    It was far too short (genuinely completed it in 3-4 hours), the story wasn’t that great, I played some online which was okay but I couldn’t get into it.
    Basically they should just make it more like KZ2…

  8. Oh my, this could take a while. The sing-player was good apart from the pretty poor ending which they could’ve improved greatly.
    Onto mp where most of the problems are and where i’d most like to tweak:
    – firstly, the new span point system needs to be removed because at the moment they are too easy for people to camp and there are far too few on the map which means that if one team captures the only one then it’s almost game over from there as they are far close to all the objectives. They could put the spawn on squad leader back in from KZ2 to try and make it so that the spawn points aren’t so game-breaking or they could just reintroduce the spawn grenades from KZ2 or even come up with a new dynamic system.
    – Secondly, the clan system. Why on earth did they go from the brilliant clan system of KZ2 to this abhorrent piece of junk clan system?! Now you’re stuck with a matchmaking system in clan matches which barely works half the time, you can’t challenge other clans to matches like you could in KZ2 and there is no tournament system which was brilliant in KZ2. You now also can’t do a clan match if you have certain numbers of people (too few or too many i can’t remember) which again is a piss-take. So to improve this the answer is basically go back to the KZ2 clan system which actually had depth and added longevity.
    – The classes can easily be improved. Remove the assault rifle from the sniper as half the people playing run around as a sniper as it’s very overpowered. Reduce the power of the tacticians’s spot and mark ability as it’s so overpowered it’s ridiculous, you can spot people from over half the map away through walls etc which apparently which makes finding people child’s play and too easy.
    I’ll come back with more later or something, i’m starving!

  9. Compelling characters would have helped… They did their best turning sev into a drake everyman, but unfortunately their best involved putting stubble on him and making him half smile every now and then…
    Move controls were good but the on rails sections were dull and the decision to go 3d was a bad one. AAA games this gen cant be 3d and still look great. They really had to tone down the engine this time and the lack of fireworks and the shoddy plot meant i actually returned my rental copy only 2 days outta the 5 i had it for…

  10. I reckon they should remaster it in hd, and redo the voice acting while they’re at it…. Wait a minute….

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