New Serious Sam 3: BFE Trailer is Brutal

A new trailer for Serious Sam 3: BFE has been released, and looks fantastic fun in a rather brutal way! The best part of the trailer surely has to be the decapitation at the end. Have some of that, alien scum!

Source: YouTube



  1. Aaaaaah!!1 October the 18th, all man

  2. So, not on PS3? Shame, looks like fun.

    • Apparently it is (not sure about release date though). I thought this was going to be another PC/360 only deal, but I am very glad to be wrong. I loved the first Serious Sam (never played the 2nd though), so I’m looking forward to this.

      • Oh, goodie – thanks! I just saw the PC/Mac tag over the headline.

      • Good to know. I had NO desire to play this game until this trailer. Looks like great fun. That decap at the end was beautiful. I’ll be looking out for a PS3 release date.

  3. Looks like a modern Doom or Duke Nukem to me

  4. I dunno. Looks a bit like Duke. Fun and silly but dated

  5. Loved the previous games. They were especially fun in coop mode. The electronic whip reminds me of Bulletstorm, which is actually not a bad thing. :)

  6. Looks a little dated.

  7. Shit, that was funny!! I might get in on some of that as it looks mindlessly hilarious. The ending was sublime.

  8. Yep! Want! Loved Serious Sam Second Encounter, brilliant fun and online co-op was awesome. Shame the SS HD never made it to PS3 as I would’ve definitely indulged!

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