NetherRealm Gets Nostalgic About Mortal Kombat

If you played Mortal Kombat when it was first released in arcades you most likely have a story to tell. Whether it’s about getting bodied by someone that was way better than you or seeing a fatality for the first time, there’s an unforgettable moment that you hold dear in your heart.

The latest episode of the MKast provides a nostalgic look at the Mortal Kombat franchise in celebration of the upcoming release of the Arcade Kollection. The developers also share some memories on the PlayStation Blog.

The Mortal Kombat Arcade Kollection releases next week on PSN, XBL, and PC for $9.99. It includes arcade perfect ports of the original Mortal Kombat, Mortal Kombat 2, and Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 with support for online multiplayer.

Source: MKCommunityManager


  1. Here we go again…

    • Haha. I was wondering if I should throw a reference in there to the events that occurred the other day…

  2. I remember buying Ultimate MK3 for my psone. Played it for hours, went to bed and had a nightmare with Sindel. Good times!

  3. Nice vid, glad I watched it. Thanks Del!

  4. I sold my left kidney to fund a fan game I was making which was a slightly slower version of MK I was planning to sell for profit. I couldn’t believe NRS took a lawsuit against me, especially after all I have done for MK! I have illegally download most of their games, if it wasn’t for me the community would be dead. I have written to Boon countless times demanding his kidney in repayment, even traveling 500 miles to his house with a bucket of ice, yet incredibly he is yet to undergo major surgery for me! If I didn’t love his beautiful face so much I would really hate him.

    • Yeah, dr nate is right, and doesn’t get the recognition he deserves man… ;)

  5. I am tempted to get this :)
    I remember spending a lot of time in the arcades as a youth, hammering my paper round cash into Street Fighter, Mortal Kombat and Killer Instinct! Ahhh nostalgia!

  6. These guys seem very passionate about Mortal Kombat….like the fruit ;)

  7. spent all my time and money inthe arcades playing these. its hard to believe theres young people playing mk9 with no understanding of noob saibot’s name.

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