From Dust Coming To PSN This Month

Over on the PlayStation Blog, Ubisoft have announced that From Dust will be coming to PSN on September 14th. The game, which was released last month on 360 and PC, will sell for £11.99 (€14.99).

Peter reviewed it here at TSA, gifting it an 8: “From Dust is something slightly different in modern console gaming. It takes a genre which has historically been about human needs and desires and makes it about geological solutions to the single, simple premiss of all God games: survival. The simplicity of the tools and the complexity of the puzzles are perfectly juxtaposed to make a wonderful experience for anyone who likes the genre but it should equally appeal to puzzle fans.”

Source: EU PS Blog



  1. I highly recommend this game. Its the only one I have completed in some time, is a lot of fun, and playing with it’s advanced physics feels as special as basic physics did when it first emerged in games.

  2. Awesome! They really got this one out quick. Does that mean I won’t have to wait long for Bastion to come to PSN?

    • I think I recall seeing a bit on saying Bastion was coming out on the 28th. Whether there is any merit in that I don’t know

      • Oh! I almost (“almost” being the key-word) hope not, there’s so much to buy already.

      • Ooh really? That would be awesome, I remember reading a while back that they were going to focus on the PC version first and there were no “current” plans for a PSN version, so I was expecting a massive wait like Limbo. Would be a pleasant surprise to see it sooner!

      • Thanks for the info, really hope the wait isn’t too long. Bastion has to be one of my most anticipated games.

      • I’m really looking forward to From Dust. The guys at work have all been raving about it (or moaning if they keeping failing at it). ;-)

  3. Hmmm quite liked the demo, If I do get the full game it’ll be on 360 at 1200msp (£10) rather than £12 on PSN! :)

  4. Brother wil be pleased, shame I’m going to uni and taking the PS3 with me. Ha ha!

  5. played this on my bro’s 360 quiet fancy it on the ps3

  6. Right, now for Bastion and ITSP!!

    • Don’t forget Guardian Heroes. I need it, SEGA!

      • And by the sounds of it Radiant Silvergun is out on Live next week, too. So excited!

    • And Trenched!

  7. I bought this for the pc. I really enjoyed it. ^^

  8. OK, so there’s £26 on my PSN account. £4.79 for the LBP2 level pack leaves me with £21. Then From Dust for £10 (with the PS+ discount). Do we have any idea how much Payday: The Heist will cost?

    • lol love it wish my finances were so simple

    • Is it getting a plus discount? Nice…

      On a side note. Move support would suit this game… I’d pay an extra £5-10 for a move patch.

  9. Damn good month on the old store, better top up my balance.

  10. Been waiting for this release date. *fist punches air*

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