From Dust Coming To PSN This Month

Over on the PlayStation Blog, Ubisoft have announced that From Dust will be coming to PSN on September 14th. The game, which was released last month on 360 and PC, will sell for £11.99 (€14.99).

Peter reviewed it here at TSA, gifting it an 8: “From Dust is something slightly different in modern console gaming. It takes a genre which has historically been about human needs and desires and makes it about geological solutions to the single, simple premiss of all God games: survival. The simplicity of the tools and the complexity of the puzzles are perfectly juxtaposed to make a wonderful experience for anyone who likes the genre but it should equally appeal to puzzle fans.”

Source: EU PS Blog



  1. I was really looking forward to this game for months, it looked and sounded right up my street. Got chance to try the trial on my brother’s 360. Was quite disappointed actually. Seemed dull and a little pointless, and the terraforming didn’t amuse me as much as I thought it might. Won’t be buying, although I’d like to give it another trial.

  2. Finally! It’s been pretty poor on Ubisoft’s part, it was meant to be released on the 28th July alongside the 360 – only thing I can assume is MS paid for exclusivity as it was part of their summer arcade thingy.

    • I’m sure I read somewhere (possibly Penny Arcade) that one of the stipulations of being part of Summer Arcade is MS gets timed exclusivity. Don’t know how much truth there is behind it, though it wouldn’t surprise me.

  3. day 1 for meee

  4. Hope this games good, I entered a ubisoft competition last month and got a winner e-mail today. Going to download now and try it out

  5. I already have it on the ps3, Downloaded it a couple of days ago!

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