Deus Ex Human Revolution’s DLC Will Last 5 Hours

Deus Ex Human Revolution’s DLC, titled Missing Link, will last 5 hours according to Eidos Montreal.

“The Missing Link is approximately five hours long, but as always that varies depending on your playstyle and completionist urges.”


The DLC is being released to highlight the events that take place during the 3 days Adam disappears in Deus Ex Human Revolution.

The Missing Link will release across PC, Xbox 360, PS3 and OnLive at some point in October.

Source: VG24/7/ Eidos Montreal Tumblr



  1. having never played any of the deus ex games i must say that looked interesting, however i still wont be going out to buy the games

    • I definitely recommend it. I completed once and started a 2nd playthrough almost straight away because I was that hooked.

  2. Can’t wait for this. I’m still really enjoying plaing the main game.

  3. I’ve just seen a superb Youtube clip advertising Deus Ex made by a Canadian documentary filmmaker who genuinely does have a camera for a right eye. Well worth a watch.

    • It’s called “Eyeborg”, not for the feint hearted though.

    • Yeah, i saw that too – Interesting stuff & genuinely didn’t know we had progressed that far with regard to replacements of limbs & such.

      Still think we are a way off before replacements become better than the real thing though (as in where people opt to replace fully working parts for bionics etc)!

  4. So is this just for PC/Mac?

    • “The Missing Link will release across PC, Xbox 360, PS3 and OnLive at some point in October.” :)

      • Yeah, i saw that under the video, but i was referencing the fact that this article is only labelled as ‘PC/Mac’.

  5. Great game and that’s a decent length for the DLC. I’m game.

  6. That sounds like a great DLC, I’ve yet to pick this up as I’m full up on games for this year. But I’ll definately pick it up next year at some point so I don’t miss out.

  7. Awesome. I’m still on my ‘give me Deus Ex’ difficulty, trying to map out my pacifist and foxiest trophy strategies as I go. Game of the year so far, by some way. This dlc is a welcome addition.

  8. “varies depending on your playstyle and completionist urges.” So potentially longer than 5 hours? Awesome!

    • Just what I was thinking!

  9. This is 5 hours long? :O that is longer then some full retail games. It looks good. If only i could afford to get Deus Ex. :-/

  10. Would be good to know the price too. No good being 5 hours if it costs £30!

    • I would guess it will be around the £7.99-£9.99 mark.

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