Psychonauts Update Brings Steam Achievements, Mac Support

In a surprise move, Double Fine have added a wealth of updates to their classic 2005 platformer, Psychonauts.

Steam users with the game already installed will find that the update brings about a series of welcome additions and changes. The patch adds achievements and cloud saving and even tones down the difficulty of the infamous Meat Circus level.


No longer will having a Mac hold you back from enjoying Psychonauts as the game is now available on Steam and the Mac App Store as well.

Double Fine have even launched an iOS app, Psychonauts Vault Viewer, that allows you to view all the memory vaults from the game.

Everyone should feel really guilty if they don’t buy it now.

Source: Edge



  1. Damn it I bought Blood Bowl instead

  2. Wow, thats pretty awesome. I would feel guilty, but if I did about every good game I have passed up id either be broke or suicidal.

  3. Mac support? This rocks.

  4. already got the xbox version.
    great game, got to get round to finishing it one day.

  5. Ooh maybe they are gauging interest for a sequel. Get buying, everyone!

  6. This is probably due to DF getting the publishing rights for the game and hopefully this could lead to a console HD-release.

  7. I don’t feel guilty for not buying it. :D *remebers that he has no income* CRAP! :p

    I wish developers would support the Big Mac platform as there are naff all to play on it. ;)

    I may check it out once i can afford to. :)

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