Psychonauts To Release On PS4 This Spring

Double Fine has announced that it will be releasing the original Psychonauts on PlayStation 4 at some point during the Spring. Having said that, Double Fine haven’t definitively stated whether this will be running within the PlayStation 4’s new emulation layer or if it will be a fully remastered game that runs natively on the system.

Having said that, our best guess would be that it’s an emulated game. Double Fine’s other remastered games feature that point in the title – Grim Fandango Remastered and Day of the Tentacle Remastered – and there is a fairly short turnaround between this announcement and the spring release date.


Psychonauts first released on the PS2, and the original Xbox back in 2005, with a PC version releasing in 2006. A version was released on the US PSN store in 2012, though is unavailable on the European store for now. The game was is also available as a download on the Xbox 360. The PSVR exclusive Psychonauts: Ruins of Rhombus will release later this year too, with Psychonauts 2 to follow within the next few years. A price for this release has not yet been confirmed.

Update: We initially stated that this was a PS2 Classic title, but whether it’s running under emulation or is a remaster of the game has yet to be confirmed.

Source: PS Blog


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  1. Never played this game. Feel it’s likely too late to pick it up as a first time play now though, as things (control schemes etc) have a tendency to feel a bit ‘dated’ when you do that.

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