Final Fantasy XIII-2 Pre-Order Bonus DLC Detailed

Square Enix producer Yoshinori Kitase recently announced that the company had plans to bring downloadable content to Final Fantasy XIII-2 and a press release has just landed detailing the first wave of DLC for the title.

At this stage, the downloable content has only been announced as a pre-order bonus for retailers in America. Pre-ordering at Gamestop nets you an alternate costume for main character, Serah, and reserving your copy at Amazon entitles you to a coliseum boss battle against the mighty ‘Omega’ who joins your party on completion.


No word yet on whether the same pre-order DLC is coming to Europe.

Source: Joystiq



  1. i wonder if different outfits and the 360 version shipping on one disc is a sign for in-engine cut scenes, rather then prerendered ones

    • The cutscenes have been confirmed to be in-engine and real-time. As the pre-rendered ones in XIII took up alot of disc space. So yes, your wondering is correct.

  2. Really enjoyed FF XIII and I’m quite eager to get my hands on part 2 and Versus. £40 for around 80 hours of gameplay is very good value.

    • 104 hours for my Platinum trophy! ;)

      If I had to pick one, I’d go with the Amazon offer since it’s an actual addition to the game.

  3. Oh FFS! I don’t give a damm about the costume but the boss battle and extra party member should be included in the actual game. This tells me that they have cut it out just to flog back to us at some point. I’m still against the idea of DLC for FF. :-/

    • Yeah, it’s kind of stupid. In FFX you had optional summons that were obtainable if you went out of your way. Now you have to preorder the game at certain shops to get the same thing…

      • In the older FFs, there were at least one sercet summon/character/weapon that you could unlock depending on how you played the game or explored enough. This is just taking the piss as you won’t get rewarded for exploring the game world. If i see more of this type of stuff get annouced, i won’t be happy and may end up have a mini rant about it. If they annouce a town as DLC, i will go apeshit.

      • Yes, I agree. Unlockable bonus characters and such should be in the game like Yuffie and Vincent in FFVII, where you kinda have to solve an optional puzzle of sorts to unlock them.

      • Well, there might be secret optional stuff built into the game AND the DLC on top of that. Who knows? I just think it’s sad that they make something that’s been a part of the FF franchise for so long now available as DLC. Omega weapons should be built in from the start. I guess it’s just easier to sell DLC if it’s something the fans know and want.

  4. Hated FF13 apart from its stunning presentation values. This one definatley looks a lot better and more Final Fantasty-esqe, with its non-linear approach + side quests.

    • I found FF13 to be boring after a while due to it crappy gameplay system. I mean, you can only control one person and if that person dies then game over(unless you restart the fight) WTF?! Plus you can just spam autobattle. And it is nearly impossible to fight with stratagey due to the AI throughing random spells at it. :( I liked fighting with a plan instead of pressing x all the time and then being bored after a few hours in.

      • The Lone Steven, did you make it to the end of FF XIII? 3 person party battles, roaming around the wastelands, fighting the giant/massive (I forget their names) walking elephant type creatures?
        Admittedly the game was very linear for the first half but opened up massively after that.

      • That’s only true for the standard battles. Changing into the right formations at the right time took some strategic thinking for harder battles. To be honest, I don’t care if I press auto battle for one character or for three. Easy battles were a “press-x-to-win” fest in any FF game. I liked it except for the fact that you could only use the special ability for your main character. Other than that it didn’t bother me at all. It felt like a nice change of pace compared to the rusty old JRPG formula. I’m glad they constantly work on new battle systems.

      • I must say I agree with you on this point aswell Steven. I’m not a big fan of the battle-system, they should atleast have let us take control over a different character when the first one dies. And my X-button hates me after each game-session. Probably still gonna get the sequel though to see what’s changed. It looks to be the game XIII could/should have been to some extent.

      • i agree,the battle system in my opinion was the worst rpg battle system i have played with to date,the graphics were great,the story was great and the characters were great but all that means nothing if you have to go through 3-4 hours of pushing the same button just to reach a short story sequence.i think that squareenix have really dropped the ball on XIII and i feel the same will be said for XIII-2,i still cant believe they are removing prerendered cut scenes and replacing them for in game cut scenes,they are taking away something from final fantasy that is part of its charm and character all so that it can fit on one disk on the xbox 360.people should not be so lazy to get up and change the disk,i played this game on an xbox and i did not mind getting up once in a while to change the disk,so long as i was getting the full final fantasy experience,which sadly i am not going to be getting in XIII-2.due to this i will be getting this game when it becomes bargain bin.

    • I feel the real problem with XIII was the fact the battle system was pretty much the only gameplay, rarely did it have minigames. And the few they had weren’t anything special, so yes definitely agree this is looking more like old school Final Fantasy!

  5. Cool DLC, I hope we can buy this on the PSN. I like the sound of having Omega in my party, I still have nightmares about X’s Omega, hopefully he is powerful enough to live up to his predecessors.

    I liked XIII, but when my 60 gig phat died it took my 70+ hour save with me, I was so close to the platinum… After that disappointment I’ve found it really hard to get back into. I will be pre-ordering this as soon as the collectors edition is announced.

  6. Will be getting the game, the DLC and the guide on day one because, ya know… an FF nut.

    I do find it quite weird that SE have tried to fit this on one Xbox disc, mainly because most of the greatest FFs have been multidisc and it didnt stop us buying them then….so why now?

  7. I just recently finished XIII, but only because of my blind loyalty to the series, I didn’t really enjoy it much at all. The Paradigm system is a decent idea but the auto-battle was a joke. I had to turn that off straight away or else the whole game would’ve just been a case of running in a line mashing the X button. The characters were pretty boring, though the setting was nice but not spectacular. Unfortunately I can’t help but compare it to previous games in the series and by such comparisons XIII was a failure in my eyes. This sequel looks like it’s more of the same. I’ll still buy it though, because it’s FF, and I have faith that one day they’ll make a really stunning game again. Amen.

  8. 13 not a bit to get use to, but i really enjoyed it after that. Looking forward to this, played it at eurogamer and the new battle system is the same but easier to use and by the looks if the party leader dies, u take control of the next one instead of having game over.

    • *i mean 13 took a bit to get use to lol

    • That would be a good correction. The whole thing with the game ending upon losing the party leader was quite frankly bizarre and sometimes very frustrating. I hardly used Phoenix Downs all through the game. Weird.

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