Final Fantasy XIII-2 To Have DLC

Final Fantasy XIII was bereft of DLC, but Square Enix has plans for extra costumes, monsters and weapons for Final Fantasy XIII-2.

Producer Yoshinori Kitase confirmed the DLC at Tokyo Game Show. Some of the DLC will be available as pre-order bonuses from retailers.

The release dates for Final Fantasy XIII-2 were recently confirmed with Europeans getting their hands on the title on February 3rd.

Source: SiliconEra


  1. IS this the first FF with DLC? Im guessing it is with it being modern generation.

    Would be more interested in DLC that adds a new section to the story, like a backstory or such. Not a few costumes and monsters.

  2. Yeah like all DLC it’s – XIII-2ARI-POFF :D

  3. I’m looking forward to this game. I guess it’s only natural it will have dlc, every other big release seems to have some. I think this is the right kind of dlc for a FF game, I just hope no trophies are dependent on having it.

  4. I don’t know what to think about this. Costumes I understand. Weapons and Monsters? Not so much. It felt great to finally get those Ultimate Weapons in FFXIII (or any other FF game). It would be a waste of time if you could get an even better weapon by throwing some money in Square Enix’s direction. And it would be pretty weird if there was DLC that adds new monsters to certain areas. Maybe there will be a monster farm like in FFX where you can fight DLC bosses or something like that.

    • You use monsters in battles and each one has different abilitys aswell as leveling system so easy to guess how they’d get dlc out of that. Weapons could just be skins I suppose.

      • You’re talking about Pokemon, right?

      • It does sound like it, but it’s more theyre an extra party member.

      • Where did you get this information from? I must admit I haven’t really had the time to dig out more info on XIII-2.

      • It’s some site that seems to be exclusive jap news and can’t remember its name off the top off my head so once im home ill find it and send the link as a possible source for TSA in future aswell as grab the info off it (such as 13-2 has an amusment park which has a casino and chocobo racing)

      • Right! Website is Andriasang! About the dlc it states “will offer a look back at FFXIII’s story from the perspective of two characters you might remember, Rygdea and Yaag Rosch.” Theres much more detail about how the gameplay will be Paradigms crossed with QTE (Similar to God of War), depending on actions you take before a boss battle can weaken it, story has time travel elements, the Moogle has a voice actor all sorts of random things.

      • Thanks. The article however doesn’t mention anything about monsters fighting alongside your characters. This would really surprise me.

      • Ah! Well the info on that is in an earlier article and there’s even a vid somewhere showing it in action, can even use a chocobo!

    • Found the vid on youtube! < Should put you at the part where you can see them use the monsters (the floating thing, then the Chocobo)

  5. IT’S NOT EVEN FECKING OUT AND THEY HAVE ALREADY ANNOUCED DLC FOR IT!? RAGE! I bet it will be things cut of the game. :( I am starting to get fecking fed up with publishers cutting things out of the game and then releasing as “new” dlc. Final Fantasy doesn’t need DLC!

    • I read the info on it somewhere else, it’s a story that takes place during FFXIII and will be released in jap next september. So doubt its something cut out.

      • Are you talking about FFXIII-2 or the DLC? If it’s DLC then read what TLS posted further down. They cut a lot from the original XIII so if XIII-2 features DLC that takes place during XIII then it’s pretty clear where they got the content from.

      • It’s the dlc im on about ye, it’s a side story involving the minor characters. Rasch and that one working with Cid (I forget his name) I believe. (I’d go check but can’t cause I have it bookmarked at home but currently at work. Will check when I’m back)

    • It could just be an idea that they didn’t have time to fit into the game.

      • I hope it is that otherwise i will be annoyed if i find out that it was cut from the game. They did cut a lot out of FF13, i think they said it was a games worth of content.

        Why monsters as DLC though? They should have been included as they are enemies. Weapons and customes, fair enough but monsters?

      • @ Steven: As Adiemus said to some extent above, when you defeat a monster it might drop a crystal (think of it as it’s pokéball)that the player loots and that allows the monster to be used in battle as another party-member. Different monsters have different abilities. And so the DLC-monsters will most likely be of this sort.

        I can’t remember where I got this from as I surf the net alot and it was probably linked on N4G sometime, but here’s an alternate source with similar details:–1698.html

      • Damn… I fear there will be a trophy for catching all the monsters… Well, as longs as there is not another trophy that requires you to own every single weapon and accessory in the game…

      • At least battles give you gil now.

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