What We Played #22

Close followers of my What We Played posts will have noticed a distinct lack of Kitteh updates lately. Sadly I have to report that Kitteh moved out, along with her owner, a few weeks ago so the absence of updates will be prolonged.

With no Kitteh Kravings to satisfy Tuffcub has been getting down to plenty of gaming. This week that has mostly consisted of Child of Eden on the PS3. “It’s great for ten minutes”, he says, “like playing a 1990’s rave video”. In contrast to it being a full price title on the Xbox 360 its PS3 release saw a £20 RRP frequently reduced to £15 online; a price Tuffcub was “quite happy” to pay.

[drop2]He’s also been playing Motorstorm: Apocalypse which merely rates an “alright I suppose”. Clearly he’s not been fully engaged with the title as there’s been more than enough time to come up with poor jokes:

What Sony need to do is mash God Of War with Motorstorm and create a chariot racing game called Motorstorm Acropolis. Ba-dum tish!

Quite. Still making the most of his relatively recently acquired PSP, the minis title Breakquest has seen plently of play and the commute home has been eased by the mass ‘murder’ of zombies in the original Resident Evil.

Last week’s family-oriented diversion clearly behind him (!) Dan’s really been getting on with his gaming this week:

It’s been a busy week for me in terms of gaming. First up was the fun, if rather flawed, X-Men Destiny. No, it doesn’t look particularly good, but I actually had a decent time progressing through the game.

Next up was NBA 2K12, which is one of the most complete sports games in existence. 2K REALLY need to step in and patch that multiplayer mode though. Luckily the single player will tide you over for a year or ten.

In between mutants and basketball I’ve had an hour or so on Dark Souls. After reading Peter’s updates on the game I was expecting to be violated horribly, but instead I managed to beat the Asylum Demon first time without any hassle. I always knew Peter was a bit of a wuss; too much Star Wars, that’s his problem! The game has had two highlights so far.

The first came after I picked a fight with a knight (I think!), who seemed to be quite a few levels above my character. After dying several times I wised up, lured him over to a cliff edge and prodded him over with my sword. HA!

The second funny moment happened when I came across some blood spilled on the ground, which lets you watch how that particular person died. It turns out they actually killed themselves by running up to an enemy, jumping onto it but missing completely and falling off a cliff. “What an idiot” I said out loud, before I proceeded to run up to the same enemy, jump at it and fall off the cliff at the exact same spot. Face, meet palm.

After several years of wondering, I finally managed to play Crysis, which is out now on LIVE and PSN. I was…disappointed. Want to know why? Read my review.

Finally I had a quick go on Bodycount. It’s actually better than I expected, and quite enjoyable in very short bursts. It also chucked achievements at me at the rate of 200 points in an hour!

In stark contrast to Dan, Alex had very little to say when it came to his week of gaming. “UNCHARTED 3!” was all I could coax out of him.

Toby has been playing more FIFA 12 and this time it is the nature of the game’s Ultimate Team that has been beating him rather that Spanish kids. While he’s finding it addictive “the regularity of injuries” is becoming irritating, “especially when they always to seem to flare up after I’ve given a player a new contract”.

He also has a request for help from those of you who’re Ultimate Team wizards. With his relative inexperience in Ultimate Team he’s looking for tips on what the best ways are to get coins or players.

As for myself I’ve been strictly focused on more Gears of War 3, especially Horde mode which I’m loving. Unless the boss wave happens to be Berserkers or Lambent Zerkers that is. While not insurmountable they are much harder work than the other bosses you encounter.

Have you been playing much? Have you got any FIFA 12 Ultimate Team tips for Toby?



  1. More fucking zombies….trying to finish off Dead Island which has taken me until the jungle to actually get “hooked” on it. Just one more mission, then I’ll turn it off…..(repeat)

    Trying to 100% Black Ops again since the Moon trophies. I forgot how much I enjoy Nazi Zombies and Richtofen’s quotes!

    A bit of Might & Magic Clash of Hereos and a little of Renegade Ops.

    • Greg – my sincere condolences regarding kitteh. I have 4 cats, would you like one? One is nick-named “Claymore” as it only has 3 legs. Although it was actually shot off, not blown off. Sometimes it’s funny to watch it hit it’s chin on the floor as it walks, but only a bit funny.

  2. I’m still playing WRC FIA Worl Rally Champions and just completed the Road to….
    Going to play GT5 2.0 update (last night was fantastic great money and levelling up)
    Tonight having a party so it’ll be Start the Party, YooStar and probably Sports ^^

  3. Rage mostly. It’s great.

  4. Played through and platinumed Crysis, what a ride. That game should be played on Veteran all the time, it makes it moderately challenging but not overly so. I really love this game it’s definitely one of my favourite FPS’s.

    Started playing through Borderlands again, that’s still fun – I never get tired of killing skags.

    Stalled on my DA2 replay, I will get that done though, I’m so close to the platinum, and after I get that I won’t play it until it gets its ultimate edition.

    Also lost another few hours to Civ IV, or as I call it ‘Gaping Hole of Time Sucking-ness’. Eloquent, I know ;)

  5. Mostly the Uncharted3 multiplayer for me this week. Reached Rank 35 last night (current level cap) and can’t wait to pick up the full release in November.

    Outside of Uncharted3, my Ninty-Wii turned up (eventually after 3 attempts… thanks parcel force…) along with the Resi remake and House of the Dead Overkill, so lots of Zombie bashing :D

    I also made another attempt to get into Gears3. Nope, I still find it boring :(

  6. FIFA12 Ultimate Team – what you want to do is pick a league, and try to get all of your players from that league. That will give you a good chemistry, at the moment, my players are all from different leagues, but they’re all Spanish so I have a chemistry of 100.

    Buy the premium gold pack, hopefully you’ll get a couple of good players, check how much they’re going for in the auctions and sell them for similar amounts. That should raise the funds you’re looking for to buy the players you’re after. The other good point about buying the packs is that it gives you the contract extensions and injury healing cards so you don’t need to worry about that part.

    Make sure your manager specialises in the formation you play, you can buy a card to change his formation if needed, and make sure all your players are playing in their relevant positions and also they prefer the formation you’re using, again you can buy modifier cards for this if need be.

    Enter the single player tournaments, you get 400-500 coins per match, plus if you win it you’ll get the tournament prize coins.

    • Good tips, thanks.

    • Every time I get up to 7,500 coins I buy the premium gold pack. Often I’m disappointed and don’t get anyone interesting, but I’ve luckily got some top quality Spanish players from there that are now in my squad. I’ve also got some real gems to sell for loads, so far I’ve sold essien for 50,000 I have Rio Ferdinand going for 50,000 and 4 or 5 20,000 players. I just keep buying packs, its really quite addictive, hoping to find that special somebody. Seriously though, don’t bother with any pack other than the premium gold as you will make a loss on them.

      • Cool, cheers! I can imagine EA will make a killing – as you say, it’s addictive!

        Think I get 4 packs free for 6 months as I bought the Ultimate Edition…although I’ll probably buy more too! :)

      • No no no, let’s not give EA actual money for these packs, please don’t anybody do that. Only use the in-game currency, please!

      • Oh, can you buy packs with the in-game money then? Sorry, I though I had to buy them with real money. I’m new to Ultimate Team.

    • Cheers for the advice Tony – really appreciated.

  7. TC – I’d play Motorstom Acropolis! I’ve been hooked on L.A. Noire this week, despite it’s linearity I’m determined to five star each case but getting the very last accusation wrong on an Arson case is a massive pain.

    Plus “Where’s my water?” on the iphone. Top stuff if you like cut the rope and have finished all its iterations.

  8. Uncharted mp and Bleach oh and twiddling my thumbs waiting for the post i want my ico dammit

  9. I’ve been looking for jobs mostly but when i do get the time(usually me giving up due to getting no results and exhausting all leads that i know of) i have been Playing Bioshock 2 and The Elder Scrolls Oblivion. It’s to mainly prevent me from becoming one miserable sod. :-) As the lack of jobs around here can turn one into a miserable sod.

  10. This week has been pretty much all about Rage, finished it on normal, now working on my nightmare play through. Apart from that I’ve played a little NBA Jam.

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