Batman Arkham City Released Early In Australia

EB Games and GAME have both announced that Batman: Arkham City is on sale now in Australia.

The move is surprising as the official Australian release date was only a day away. EB announced the information via Twitter.


“Nananananananana BATMAN! … Is on sale now :P #early#omgruntothestore

However, a follow up tweet has said that the PS3 Collector’s Edition is not yet avaliable, while all other editions are. GAME has followed EB’s move by making Batman: Arkham City avaliable through its website.

No early release for us UK gamers though. We have to wait until this Friday, October 21st, to get our hands on Arkham City.

You can read what Kris thought of Batman: Arkham City with his Hands On Preview here.

Source: CVG/Twitter/GAME Australia



  1. I can’t wait for my Special Edition to arrive hopefully not late (Monday) I will not be very happy!!!
    Roll on this Friday/Saturday

  2. /me check order status for the CE on

    CURSED! :>

  3. EB is quite well known for breaking street dates in Aus. They were talking about it on an old episode of the Australian Gamer podcast. Rumour has it, they intentionally send employees out to try and buy copies from smaller, independent stores that might have less experienced employees. Ask them if they have any copies in the back, etc. Once they have the receipt, they have proof that someone else broke the street date and they can do so themselves with fewer consequences.

  4. Wasn’t going to pick this one up until it came down in price a bit, but I should be able to get it for 99p day of release if I finish Rage this week and trade it in on Friday.

  5. +1 to the Aussies then, they usually get the cut versions of games, a lot later than everyone else & pay a lot more for the privilege. I unfortunately have the pc version so have to wait even longer :( oh well thats 3 weeks of avoiding Batman spoilers.

  6. To Australia!

    • If you leave now, you’ll get there by Wednesday! Go for it.

  7. Totally forgot about this. Away from home now, so pretty much every game has to wait to be played after 9th of December. Gonna be a busy christmas..

  8. Finally completed Deus-ex at the weekend, so I’ll be ready for my Batman AC pre-order to arrive later this week :)

  9. The latest tweet by Arkham City community site is, “Are you in the UK? Love Arkham City? Stay tuned for an announcement…”

    Ohhh I wonder if they are going to break the street day here! I doubt it, but pleaseeee

    • was there any announcement?

      • yeah, was some stupid cinema type prize, not happy!!!

      • Free cinema with a pre-order of Arkham City? Sounds worth it to me! :)

  10. Why can’t game stores start selling the game if they have it already like the store where i pre-ordered mine got them on Friday?

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