Starhawk Beta News Tomorrow

News on the Starhawk beta looks set to roll out tomorrow, according to the offical Facebook page. Sony originally said that Warhawk players would be the first to get involved, and whilst it’s likely that those picking up Uncharted 3 in a couple of weeks won’t be far behind (with Naughty Dog’s adventure coming with a free Beta code) the publishers are sticking to their (machine) guns.

[drop2]News is likely to surface soon anyway, with the Facebook page saying to “watch the PS Blog tomorrow” with the line “Warheads, we always told you that you’d be there first” confirming what we’re thinking: Sony will be looking to get those used to the core mechanics up and running first.


This is a smart move – the last thing you want from a beta (although that word has lost pretty much all meaning in relation to videogames these days for me) is loads of people running around that don’t know how to play.  Warhawk was, at its heart, a fairly hardcore shooter, so the devs will want the best of the best stress testing the mechanics.  Starhawk naturally builds on the last game’s principles.

We were invited by Sony to play Starhawk when it was first official announced, and interviewed the team here.



  1. I just want to say: I am in no way ‘the best of the best.’
    In WarHawk online, I couldn’t hit an African dictator hiding in a drain pipe.
    Fun game, though. :P

    • Wasn’t a very big storm drain, then again he did get his head in!

  2. I’m a Warhead, hopefully that will get me in as I’m going to struggle Uncharted3 at launch.

  3. Played this online (obviously) so much, it’s just a brilliant game.
    I could still happily sit and play this online, and I’m not sure there’s many games that have been out as long that I could say the same about.

  4. I have clocked a fair few hours online, but I get the impression this will only be for those that still play it as much as they did at launch

  5. I hope I’m in. There’s about a million on the leaderboard so that could be a lot of invites

  6. Tis a shame that every time a game is organised almost no-one shows up :/

  7. Ive decided to push U3 onto the crimbo list so really want some sort od PS+ early access. Loved Warhawk

  8. I’ve played WH a lot back in the days, wonder whether I’d still get invited.

  9. Didn’t play warhawk, hugely interested in starhawk, but i don’t mind not being included straight away as i don’t know the game that well..

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