Starhawk Beta Starts Next Month

As promised, Sony have announced when the Starhawk beta starts.  However, Dylan Jobe has some bad news to go along with the good.  “Normally before a team releases a Public Beta for a game, the dev team goes through a phase known as the closed beta or ‘Private Beta.'” he says.

“This is when the dev team works very closely with a small group of colleagues from the publisher, quality assurance (QA) team, or very close friends to make sure things are solid, the gameplay is tuned, big bugs are squashed, etc. It’s all about a tight feedback loop and close interaction with the developer.”


The so-called Private Beta will kick off next month, and Starhawk Warhawk players will be the first to get an invite.  It doesn’t say who’s going to get the magical golden ticket, but Jobe says that it’ll be “in waves” and the order in which players will be granted access is a “dark art”.  A mix of your Warhawk rank and level, in reality.

Keep an eye on your inboxes, then.



  1. Damn you! Was just writing this, was ripping of Al’s post and everything -_-

    • Love it Alex is slowly turning in to the mum off Miranda. :)

  2. Also before people start moaning about it not being available for PS+ Members, it’s a sign of gratitude for the dedicated fans of Warhawk. You’ll probably get your chance in 2012 with the Uncharted crew, when it goes into open beta.

    Looking forward to that email, with 600+ hours sunk into Warhawk, surely I’m in with a chance?!

  3. Starhawk players will be the first to get an invite.

    Do you mean warhawk?

    • Aha, great minds! :)

      (or just that the both of us are very willing to point out stuff that doesn’t make sense when we see it!)

  4. “The so-called Private Beta will kick off next month, and Starhawk players will be the first to get an invite”

    I’m guessing that should in fact read ‘Warhawk’ & not ‘Starhawk’??

  5. Aw dam. I wasn’t into Warhawk when it was big. Where I lived for a few years the internet was barely enough to send emails =(

    I’ll wait patiently for Warhawk.

  6. Sounds fun.I Wont be in it then, didn’t play warhawk, Looking forward to starhawk though!

  7. looks like next year is going to be another excellent ps3 year :p sony are the gods of gaming, fact

  8. Shame I won’t get this from Warhawk experience, but I do hope its open to Sony’s own beta testers.

  9. I hope even though it is not a direct sequel to Warhawk that it has virtually the same gameplay. If not then here’s hoping for a proper warhawk sequel :’)

  10. The guys at Lightbox look to be doing a stellar job, Starhawk seems a brilliant evolution.

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