Joe Danger Coming To Xbox 360

According to a page on the Korean ratings site, Hello Games’ Joe Danger is coming to Xbox 360, strongly suggesting that the sequel – Joe Danger The Movie – is also Xbox-bound.

We spoke to Hello Games a while back about the first game, but we recently spoke to studio head Sean Murray about the follow up here, with the video handily posted just below.


Both games are great fun, and it’s good to see them reaching a wider audience.



  1. Great news for Hello Games :) Great news for 360 gamers too as Joe Danger is legendary

  2. Good news, as a small company, it will mean more income for them, so they can continue to make great games.

  3. Was it not against microsdoft rules to release a game later for it’s plattform?

    • I think that’s if it’s released on on both consoles, new, at the same time, MS can’t be a day behind or anything.

  4. GamesTM magazine did an interview with Hello Games and it said it was working on getting the sequel to Xbox360. There was no mention of the original though.

  5. So Microsoft is seeing the error of their ways of denying their customers excellent games just because they were on PSN first?

    • I hope so. The whole “hand me downs” argument seems to disrespect the consumer terribly.

    • I think MS refused to have exactly the same content at a later date. If the xbox gets extra levels, then MS will probably be happy to have it on their console.

  6. Woah, for some reason I really didn’t expect this to come out for the 360. It’s quite a major title for Sony…

    Anyway, Hello Games deserve to have a whole new fan base play their awesome game, so congrats to them. :)

  7. Still haven’t played, will probably just get the second, sounds like it’s what was always intended in the interview anyway.

  8. I will eat my hat if Joe Danger is available on XBLA, what with those silly requirements Microsoft are intent on laying down. If it does appear, it makes a mockery of the process. Joe Danger 2 though makes perfect sense.

    Although, am I right in thinking that they cannot self publish?

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