Q1 2012 Looking Very Silent Hill

Konami has decided that we don’t have enough Silent Hill in our lives. I think they might be right but I’m not sure that three (or four, depending on your point of view) separate Silent Hills in one quarter is the answer. I mean, how much terror can we take in such a short timeframe?

First of all, we’re getting the HD collection at the end of January. That’s Silent Hill 2 and 3 all polished up nice to look pretty on your HD console and big TV.


Next up, we have Silent Hill: Book of Memories. That arrives at the end of February when the PSVita launches. That’s two Silent Hill products, three games, four weeks apart.

Finally, March will see the release of Silent Hill: Downpour on PS3 and 360. It’s the next in the series, a proper sequel to the core franchise rather than a spin off. That’s three Silent Hill products, four games, in two months. Terrifying.

Source: Dtoid



  1. Silence!! I Hill you!!

    • I want to clarify that I’m aware that Jeff Dunham is outrageously unfunny.

    • Good one! :)

  2. Now they have the original voices back in the Silent Hill HD collection, I shall be nabbing that when it comes out. The other two, probably not.

  3. Wow, the comments here is so silent in the morning. *yawn*

  4. Wish they would just leave this series alone :( Completely. Everything after The Room, or since the Japanese stopped making it, has been a complete train wreck.

  5. does the silent hill have eyes?

  6. I’ll definitely check out the new one but i’ll probably skip the remakes.

  7. Nothing compared to the Resident Evils, – we’ve got remakes, re-releases, HD versions and new games all coming out within the space of a few months.

  8. I’m silently excited.

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