PSN Game Sharing Being Cut From 5 To 2

Sony are limiting the number of different PS3s you’ll be able to share your PSN purchases with from five to two from the middle of this month.

According to a report on AndriaSang, the cut-off date is the 18th of November, after which any purchases will be limited to just the console it was downloaded on, and one other.


This isn’t retroactive – any games downloaded before that date will still be shareable between five machines.

The limit is an issue when you take into account that the console total includes PSP, PSP go, Vita and the PS3.  If you download a Minis title after the 18th, for example, it’ll be playable on your PS3 and PSP, but not your Vita unless you deactivate an account.

Deactivation will be easier, however, Sony will be offering up the option online, rather than via the console.

The reasons for doing this are apparently a balance between “consumer convenience” and “content creator copyright protection.”

Update: Sony have confirmed this on their blog.  However, it’s 2 PS3 consoles, and 2 PSP consoles, not combined.



  1. Excellent! Two should be enough for most people and with the option to deactivate online, it’s easy to manage.

    • Also this properly means that will finally come back online :)

    • I just realized the best thing about this. Hopefully no more private messages from greedy game-sharer’s, who can’t understand some people don’t feel like giving away their PSN account info to strangers.

      • Not much good if like me you have 2 PS3s and a PSP though.

      • wtf?! you get pm’s from strangers asking for log in details?? insanity.

      • shields_t: Looks like you can activate on TWO PS3’s and TWO PSP’s, so you should not have a problem.

        wuntunzee: It has happened yep, both on PSN and forums.

    • gutting for me. Couldn’t deactivate my last ps3 because it bricked, so if my current one bricks then I can’t get any of my games without rinigng sony. and having a 2 hour nag on the phone until they sort it out. I love my ps3, but the only console ever to remove so many features after release …. linux/ firmware updates to remove unofficial hard drives being used, game sharing, then game sharing for one user down to 2 users. and an expected console life of about 3 years.

  2. Bummer.

    • Woohoo! That post got me my 2000th TSA point! :D

      • Congrats and speaking of TSA points, is there a way of seeing the number of points required per level? Like how many do I need to reach level 3?

      • I’m on 2016 now. high five… :P
        there used to be a progress bar, but it seems they removed it, i think level three was like 1,500 or so?

      • this post gives me my 5000th TSA point, which is level 6. I will add that this news is annoying, as I struggle with 5 users somehow! and I’ve already used all 5.

  3. Lucky this isn’t for games downloaded before. I have two broken ps3’s with my PSN account linked to it.
    It would be very bad if something like that’d happen in the future though.

    • Nevermind. I just read that we can deactive online. My bad.

      • The PS Blog says there are plans to provide the option of deactivating consoles online.
        I don’t really think it’s a great idea to make this change until those plans have came to fruition.

  4. I was about to go off on a rant there, I worked for PS Support and there were loads of people that couldn’t even handle 5, usually due to consoles breaking down on them so they couldn’t de-activate etc (Yeah, some people were really unlucky). But those are few and far between anyway.
    With the online activation and deactivation, if it really is that simple, then fair enough I’m all for it.

  5. Hmmm, who to share with now then.

    • huge mistake Sony. Us gamesharers are your best customers — I spend hundreds of dollars a year on games because of gamesharing. All those $10 and $15 games get bought by us — ones we’d never have thought of buying full price.

      This will -severely- hurt small developers. Big names like PixelJunk and such will do just fine; but us gamesharers take chances on everything. My group buys about 95% of everything that comes out. That’s up from the 2 games I bought before gamesharing over the course of a year and a half.

      Gamesharing is a huge benefit to the bottom line, because it greatly encourages taking chances on things. I’ve supported literally hundreds of games — and many, many developers because of gamesharing that never would have gotten a dime without it.

      I will not suddenly start buying every game. In fact, I’ll likely stop buying all PSN games, since I have such a backlog of never-played ones.

      I am a loyal PSN user – I’m paid up for about 3 years of PSN+ service. I have spent hundreds of dollars a year on games (via gameshare group, we’ve each spent that amount). I am your most loyal type of customer, the one that will recommend a diamond to my friends to buy because I actually took a $2 chance on it and played it.

      Massive mistake Sony. This failure to understand your consumer will not only hurt PSN, but really hurt the small developer.

  6. With any luck the online aspect will be retrospective and finally allow me to deactivate my two-years-dead PS3.

    • Fully concur. We should be able to manage devices like with SkyGo. The PS website shows my consoles that I’ve registered so there should be the facility to deactive my dead PS3 launch Fat, how I miss thee.

    • “Deactivation will be easier, however, Sony will be offering up the option online, rather than via the console.”

      My interpretation of this is that you would be able to deactivate old consoles – since the website will have a link to your PSN account, not the physical console. Yay!

      • I hope so. De-activating dead ps3s is 2 real problem. I’ve managed to break psps as well. It’s going to stop me buying 2 third ps3 though which I had been thinking about.

      • I sure hope so, I’d love to get my original account back.

  7. Could you potentially, for example, install a mini on say 4 machines (I have two PS3, a PSP, and will buy a Vita), deactivate all the accounts, then just activate your account on 1 machines as you use it?

  8. I do think this is a bit tight – perhaps limited to two PS3s, two PSPs, and two PSVitas would be better.

  9. PS3s or just consoles? I mean i can’t have the same game on a PS3, PSP and a Vita now? Ohhh so that’s why Vita doesn’t play PSOne

    • “The limit is an issue when you take into account that the console total includes PSP, PSP go, Vita and the PS3.”

      It seems so – but as per my comment (2 above) it could be workable just by activating a machine as you use it.

  10. I know I’m probably not a normal case but this is going to be a real problem for me. I regularly make use of two PS3s (in the same house) when I’m reviewing stuff. If I have to choose between that setup and my Vita (when that comes) then it limits what I can do and makes reviewing very tricky.
    Is there some technical limitation that prevents them from linking purchased content to a user account, regardless of the hardware it’s running on? Only allow the user account to be logged in (online) on one machine at a time and require online checks every ten times a game is started. That seems like a much more elegant way of ensuring customers get some freedom in how to use what they pay for and publishers/devs don’t get ripped off.
    It’s already awkward enough when games don’t allow you to move your save.

    • I’m the same – hence my array of comments on this artcile, sorry. :)

      I have a PS3 upstairs, and 1 downstairs. I use the save cloud to switch save game data. I do this for 2 reasons. Firstly, we have a 40″ TV downstairs but my wife will sometimes watch crap like TOWIE so I’ll play on my PS3 upstairs – no need to unplug the whole console, I use the save cloud that I pay for and just take the disc upstairs. Secondly, I lost a PS3 due to the YLOD so now my PS3s are “mirrored” – this way if one dies I have the opportunity to check what data was on it by looking at the other PS3, assuming the both don’t die at the same time! So with my PS3 and incoming Vita, this is a bit annoying.

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