Trine 2: European Collector’s Edition Unveiled

It has been announced that puzzle/platform game ‘Trine 2’ will be getting a PC/Mac Collector’s Edition in Europe. This will include the full game, its soundtrack, an art book commented by the developers from Frozenbyte, and also the first Trine game. The whole package will be sold for a €19.99 (£14.99 in UK).

It’ll be available in December.

Source: Press Release



  1. they’re bringing it to retail?

    not a bad package for that price, it would be nice if there was a ps3 version too.

    • Ditto on the PS3 version. Hopefully they eventually decide to do one, I really want that art book.

  2. Holy crap that’s less than i paid for the first game! Good deal.

  3. Screen shots looks gorgeous. Does it look this good on PS3?

  4. I was wondering how they would do a CE with a downloadable title!

    • Although saying that, i suppose everything apart from the artbook could also be downloaded, so it would be a possibility.

  5. I’m going to buy just for the art book alone.

  6. How beautiful?!?

  7. Bargain. Hope for a PS3 version.

  8. The art book looks brilliant!

  9. Really looking forward to this.

  10. So you get both games, a soundtrack and a book for £15!? That’s fantastic, shame i hated the demo of the first.

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