Microsoft Accidentally Leak Mass Effect 3

Seems like Microsoft accidentally pressed the wrong button over the weekend, allowing a private, testing version of Mass Effect 3 to be downloadable (and playable) by anyone signed up for the new Xbox dashboard.

BioWare’s Jesse Houston said that this was “through human error” on the part of Microsoft, and said that “content which was meant for internal beta testing was flagged incorrectly and released to individuals who had signed up for the beta of the Xbox Live dashboard update.”


“It has since been taken down and deactivated.”

There are three modes in the download.  Action Mode – lots of combat and little story (with automatic replies), Story Mode (the reverse) and RPG Mode (with bits of each).  It also looks like the multiplayer pass will be handled via EA’s Origin.

The developers are keen to stress that the leaked code is unfinished and not meant for the public.  The full game isn’t out until March 9th.

Screens and info via NeoGAF, where there are loads more images.



  1. Bugger… i wish i used my Xbox this weekedn rather than playing Uncharted to the end.. Oh well.

  2. Looks glorious! I still havent got around to finishing ME2 yet. Still got 4-5 months to do so, I’m at the point of no return. Apt place for a save game ;)

    • I still havent took the disc out of the case lol. I’m a MW2 addict :(

  3. Up until Dragon Age 2 I would probably be stoked for this. After Dragon Age 2 not so much. Keeping my fingers crossed that EAs input has been kept to an absolute minimum.

  4. I wouldn’t want to be the guy who was responsible for this mistake. Roll on March! :)

  5. Lucky for those that got to play it, I’m quite happy waiting though. If I’m honest I don’t really know how much I will like this, I really hope they’ve given the combat an overhaul, it desperately needs it.

  6. I applied for the new dashboard thing. Not heard anything since. I guess this means I didn’t get in then… :(

    • I had to jump through hoops for it.
      I follow Major Nelson on Twitter and through his tweets I found out that you need to check to see if you have been accepted, then send in your details through that website.
      I am now accepted and in, but the new dash has not yet been made available for me yet…

      • Ignore that second “yet”, obviously. :)

  7. Whoops!

    They really need to mark that “publish to X-Box live” button a bit more clearly. Maybe put a little plasic hinged cover over it, and make sure both Gene Hackman and Denzel Washington’s key codes are required to make it work.

    • 16 year-old movie reference eff-tee-dubbleyoo! :D

    • Or just a simple:
      Are you sure?
      Are you really sure?
      Are you really really sure?

  8. I wonder if they know how many people got hold of this?

  9. This happens too often with games. It’s all just publicity.

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