Community Round-Up: 12/11/11

Welcome back TSAgents! Last week saw the release of Activision’s behemoth title, Modern Warfare 3, and Bethesda’s long awaited instalment for the Elder Scrolls series, Skyrim. For me, MW3 has lived up to and exceeded my expectations – it’s brilliant. I haven’t played much of Skyrim yet, and I’m still getting used to it all, but my initial impressions are good. TSA has also been buzzing with articles, discussions and news this week, so let’s take a look for this week’s Community Roundup!

No new competitions on TSA this week I’m afraid, but we do have the last few days for entering the fantastic iPad 2 competition. To celebrate the release of Modern Combat 3, Gameloft has teamed up with TSA to give you the chance to win an iPad 2, with 10 copies of that game also on offer. Entries can be made on Twitter and Facebook, and the competition closes at the end of the 14th of November.

There’s also the roundup for Round 4 of the TSA F1 Championship. Last week’s races took place in Monza, and the infamous first corner chicane certainly provided some ‘racing incidents’ shall we say! It’s starting to become clear which drivers are slowly breaking away from the pack in the Championship standings, but it’s still an extremely close competition, especially in the struggles for the last few qualifying spots.

If you want to meet and play with some of TSA’s many great members, your best chance is to sign up for some TSA Meets! Let’s take a look at what has been scheduled.

Bodachi is hosting the usual Uncharted 3 Meet tonight at 7pm. It looks like there will be a good turnout this week, which is always nice to see. A little later, sanmartinez is hosting the Bioshock 2 Meet at 9pm. Tomorrow sees the regular SARPBC Meet taking place at 7pm, hosted as usual by the one and only Death_In_Flamez.

Further ahead into the week, ‘Mondays Motorstorm Madness, hosted by theberzerka, kicks off at 8pm on Monday night. On Wednesday, Sympozium is hosting DC Universe Online Meet, check the link for specifics. They mainly revolve around being evil and villainous, so that should be perfect for most of you!

There’s also bound to be people playing Modern Warfare 3, Battlefield 3 and plenty more besides. So just keep an eye out!

Remember that if you want to host your own Meet, you can do so provided you have at least 250 TSA points.

Beginning with the reviews, there’s been quite a few on TSA over the past week, so I’ll just give you the main ones. Starting with the big ’uns, Peter reviewed Skyrim and also took a look at Modern Warfare 3’s Single Player. You can expect a Multi Player review of MW3 in the coming days. You can catch Dan’s review of GoldenEye 007: Reloaded and also PS Move -ready is House of the Dead OVERKILL Extended Cut reviewed by Jim. Lastly, Kris reviewed Sonic Generations.

Last week, we gave you the chance to meet Tonyyeb in Meet the Reader and following tradition it’s transpired his name isn’t Tony at all! Meanwhile Dan went extra cheap in one of this week’s Cheap PC Gaming articles with Stealth Bastard, which is absolutely free! Not content with one piece of Cheap PC Gaming advice, Gamoc brought you a look at Red Faction: Guerrilla. There’s also the WeView Verdict for Singularity which has a pretty unanimous outcome, or you could leave your thoughts for this week’s game, LittleBigPlanet 2, in the WeView forum thread.

Tuffcub reminded me of a game that has been on my ‘to get’ list for quite some time now, with his Playback featuring Wanted: Weapons of Fate. Greg celebrates his 6 month anniversary of providing all you lovely guys with What We Played #26 and you can catch Episode 42 of the OMM Podcast here, which is still sadly Peter-less this week.

Swan diving into the forums now, let’s see what’s been going on this week.

I’m off now to play some more MW3 and perhaps some more Skyrim, so I’ll see you all next week! Bye!

-Gazza woz ‘ere!



  1. Good write up yet again Tef, putting in a weekly summary format like this really shows what a great and active community this is.

    • It’s been Gazzagb writing these for quite some time now.
      I’m more than happy to take the plaudits, though! ;)

  2. Like your weekly roundup Tef, it gives me the chance to read anything I’ve missed over the passed week.

  3. This was gazza @above comments :P couldn’t you tell from the master-class writing. Nice round up though, hoping to get involved in some meets this weekend.

  4. Hmmmmm…. I swear there’s something missing fron this Mr. Gazza

  5. Hey teffers, please give my Call of Battlefield B2B Meet a bit of love please? <3

    • It’s because when I write this, the Meet for the following week hasn’t been created yet, but next week I’ll try to remember to mention it regardless of if it’s created or not. :)

  6. When did I become “OLD” no need.

  7. “The ASBDHIJKANL Meet”?

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