Community Round-Up: 19/11/11

Assemble TSAgents! Yesterday, I heard my first Christmas song of the year, a bit early if you ask me! It’s 36 days until Christmas; I think there should be a law that states it must be under 30 days before any festive song is played. Anyway, you’re not reading this to hear about me going on about random topics, you’re here for this week’s Community Round-Up!

Again, I’m sorry to say there have been no new competitions on TSA’s front page this week, but we do have something quite cool in the forums! There’s a generously donated copy of Skyrim up for grabs, courtesy of HoboCastro. All you have to do is recreate a scene from a video game in picture or clever video form. There’s some great examples already given, and you have until Wednesday to get your ideas in. For all the details, head to the forum thread.

There is also the roundup for Round 5 of the TSA F1 Championship. Last week’s races took place at Silverstone, and the damp conditions certainly did not help 2 our of 3 drivers! We’re also lucky enough to have two onboard views this week, make sure to check them out, and don’t forget to check the Championship tables.

I know many of you are eager to find out who won the iPad 2 competition that closed last week, and I’d love to be able to tell you right here, but Teflon’s standing right behind me… I am allowed to say that all the winners will be announced on Monday 21st of Movember. So tune in to see who got lucky!

We also have a few other things in the works, and hope to get those underway in the next couple weeks, both on the front page, and in the forums.

Ah yes, the Meets section of the round-up. I always finding myself wanting to sign up for some of the Meets when I write this, but I can never be sure I’m free, which is always a pain. If you’re one of the lucky ones that could make it to some TSA Meet, then you should be doing so! They’re great fun and I’m really wishing I could sign up for some, especially the Assassin’s Creed Meet, even though I don’t have the game yet!

Taking at look at the Meets, tonight, Bodachi is hosting the usual Uncharted 3 Meet at 7pm. Tomorrow sees the regular SARPBC Meet hosted by Death_In_Flamez, starting at 7pm.

Theberzerka is hosting ‘Mondays Motorstorm Madness’, kicking off at 8pm on Monday night. On Thursday, the first Assassin’s Creed: Revelations Meet takes place at 7pm, hosted by rainydays. Really wish I could join that one!

Taking place on Friday night, as always, there will be the ‘Back-to-back BF3 – MW3’ Meet. Part one, featuring Battlefield3, kicks off around 7pm, with Modern Warfare 3 beginning at 9pm. Feel free to show up to either meet, you don’t have to attend both, but it would be great if you could. Death_In_Flamez is the main man organising these Meets, and they will be up later on in the week, but he wanted me to mention them now.

Remember that if you want to host your own Meet you can do so here, provided you have at least 250 TSA points.

Alex may try to steal my glory, but he’ll never take my soul! Well, maybe, but either way, he’s got quite a nifty roundup of all the games out this week and their respective reviews. My favourite review this week was Blair’s Assassins Creed Revelations Review, well worth a read. AC2 is one of my favourite singleplayer games ever, so it must be good, if Blair describes it as “by far the best game in the series so far”.

What Al hasn’t included is the Previews and Hands On that have been on TSA. Huzzah! Although the only one this week hands on with Little Deviants, by special guest mikemason.

There has still been the usual plethora of Features and Community-based articles on TSA this week. First up, here’s your chance to meet the man of many names, Tom Lord in last week’s Meet the Reader. There’s also the WeView Verdict for LittleBigPlanet 2 which like last week, again has almost unanimous outcome, and don’t forget to leave your thoughts for this week’s game, FIFA 12, in this forum thread.

Tuffcub talks us through the MW3 Launch Party which he attended, giving us a brilliant insight to his alcohol tolerance, his dance moves and err, the game, as well as what his tweets were all about. Continuing with the MW3 theme, Tuffcub also brings us his Massive Poll Results regarding MW3’s Controversial Scene.

Playback this week featured Transformers, also written by Tuffcub (he’s certainly been busy!). Finishing up, you can catch Episode 43 of the Oscar Mike Media Podcast, where the gang are back up to full strength and lastly there’s also What We Played #27 from the lovely Greg.

Lets peering around the iron gates guarding the Forums, and see what’s been occurring. Remember you need to be a member to see General Chat as it contains some mature themes (and by that I just mean immature themes!)

  • Adam explains why he’s been missing recently – it’s not actually him, but shows how much Skyrim is taking up his time.
  • You can purchase Black Ops for just under £50 on the PSN Store, but is it worth it? Forrest is more looking at buying it in store, for far cheaper, but let him know your thoughts on the game.
  • Tonyyeb has started a Retro Screenshot Competition. I’m useless at this sort of thing, I consider the PS1 to be ‘retro’. Please don’t lynch me!
  • Youles is wondering if anyone wants to join a COD Elite clan.
  • Lastly, some of the insanity is starting to seep through, as Jas-n created then insta-locked the thread. Cue Bunimomike and a reactionary, somewhat rebellious counter movement!

Done. I’m off for a cheeky nap, ah, the life of a student! See you all next week!

-Sleep well, Gazza.



  1. Excellent, though you missed off the best forum thread of the week – nemesis’s boring forum thread. I assume that’s because its in general chat and not for the faint hearted? Still anyone who likes a giggle and doesn’t easily get offended by crudeness should pay it a visit

    • most ironic thread on TSA

      • Hey stop nicking my forum posts.

      • Who me? *goes off to scan through forum* and yes you said the irony of this thread. oops

  2. Glad of the round up this week as I was unable to view TSA most of this week.

  3. Lovely round up as usual. Skyrim comp is really cool, thanks m6172b or hobo castro (am i right) or mark, who ever you are?!

    • *for generously putting the game up for grabs

    • He’s a man/number of many names… and numbers…

    • m61726b, HoboCastro, Mark or Sir!

      I can’t disclose my real name due to probation and bail conditions ;-)

  4. Ohhhhh noooooo D: I put the meets up yesterday!

    • Yeah, but I submitted the article before you had done so. Put the meets up by, say, 5PM on Friday (Thursday would be even better), and I can put the links in.

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