Final Fantasy XIII-2 Story ’30-40 hours’ Long

The dev team behind Final Fantasy XIII-2 has revealed that the story mode of the upcoming sequel should take between 30-40 hours to complete.

Not exactly shocking news as pretty much every JRPG playthrough worth its weight in androgynous heroes clocks in at around 30 hours. However, what if  you have an uncontrollable urge to complete all the pointless sidequests? Well, Square Enix has confirmed that you can reload your saved game data from a point just before the final boss when you complete the game.


This also acts as a pseudo-new game plus feature, Andriasang reports. The ‘Historia Crux’ system lets you rewind time in parts of the game, which you can then tackle with your buffed up characters. Doing so will unlock a variety of ‘Paradox Endings’, many of which won’t be available until your second playthrough.

As for the planned downloadable content, it should be arriving in Spring next year, at a pace of every one to two weeks. Additionally, the DLC will have no effect on the story or trophies, it has been confirmed.

Also, if you have FFXIII saved data you’ll also be entitled to a free wallpaper for your console.

Source: Andriasang



  1. Not bad, could be longer though. But then it depends if it is a torture or joy.

  2. “or trophies” – OK count me out.

  3. You missed the best bit! Jumping!

    • I think the best bit was free wallpaper.

  4. No, no, no, no! I am really getting annoyed with the number of top quality games coming out. My wallet can’t take it, please make them stop!

    • I wouldn’t say an FF XIII game would be “top quality”.

    • “Paradox endings”! << My head can't take that.

  5. As expected really, but good to get confirmation nonetheless. I put my pre-order for the Crystal Edition into my local EB Games just today.

    While I expect to have a moderate amount of fun with this, I am personally much more excited about the remaster of X, even if half of that is thanks to that awesome Blitzball mini-game. I’ve probably put 20 hours into playing it on my PS2 and I’m hungering for some more. Although I also prefer the turn based battle system, they’re more about the strategy, preparation and not having to save when you go to the loo ;)

  6. A freewallpaper?! is that all >.> So it doesn’t affect anything that could be brought over from FFXIII like special costumes or artwork…items? (if it had any)

    • It’s not all, just all that’s confirmed.

  7. Suppose I better finish off FF XIII then hadn’t I? *grimace*

  8. 30-40 hours for the main story without any sidequests. FFXIII was around 50 hours if I remember correctly. Took me 108 hours to get the platinum trophy so I expect around 80-90 hours for a complete playthrough and probably something along the lines of FFXIII if they added more side quests. Sweet! Already have the collectors edition on pre-order.

  9. A bit shorter than usual then….

  10. a little shorter than a normal ff, but as long as i enjoy it, i dont really care

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