SSX To Feature Real-time Music Remixing

Music producer, Freddy Ouano, has been talking about the way sound is dealt with in SSX. The music is very dynamic, reacting to actions that they player takes throughout a game.

“So if you catch big air the music might pull out, if you grind the music’s gonna stutter. When you’re carving the music might pan left to right. If you have a big bail, the music’s gonna react in real time based off the action that you’re performing in real time.”

As well as the extensive sounding track-list, SSX will also allow you to play your own music off the console hard drive. The best bit is that this will also be subject to the remixing.


Actually, the best bit is the game will feature ‘Tricky’ by Run DMC. Check out the full dev diary below.

Source: EA Vision



  1. Old school hip hop, sadly lacking from modern video gaming. There was a gta, think it was san andreas that had a legendary radio station dedicated to old school, I’d drive around for ages listening to it

    • Woop woop! That’s the sound of da Police!

  2. Sorry to turn my nose up at this news but didn’t the last few SSX games do most of this too?

    • Yep, certainly the first couple. If only the ‘in air’ bit.

      • Has there been any news on DJ Atomica?

      • It was also remixed depending on how well you were doing, how far down the track you were, & would react if you bailed, etc. Way to push something you’ve been doing on some level or another for over 10 years EA; what’s surprising is that no other game has done it yet as far as I can recall.

      • @mcphatty, I’m not sure if there have been official details revealed, but I remember in Burnout Paradise (same DJ), if you listened long enough, he would sometimes make reference to a new SSX game, so it’s entirely possible.

      • WipEout HD does something similar to this but just the ‘in air’ part

      • wipeout cut the bass when in the air, and seemed to add a phaser through tunnels, it sounded amazing..

      • @ bacon

        Best thing about that was it worked seamlessly with the custom soundtracks too.

  3. cool feature for doing the mixing on your own tracks, that sounds great. But it was doing this on their own tracks on the older games I thought?

  4. I’m a huge fan of context-sensitive music. Shadow of the Colossus showed us how well this could work. Equally, Flower was beautiful with how you assisted the score with your collecting of petals. Audio heaven.

    Sounds like the new SSX looks to take it a stage or two further which is great news.

  5. Stop referring to players as users, that’s reet marketing talk right there.

    I’m 100% positive it’ll sound as awesome as its predecessors but “the user” & “users” really?

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