Move Sells 9 Million

Kinect has now sold ten million units, but eight million were sold in the first two months, a pattern that Ubisoft has described as “not healthy”.

Sony’s Move peripheral has seen steady sales since launch and according to Industry Gamers has now reached nine million units, just a million short of Kinect.


Both motion control devices will be pushed over the Christmas period but will Sony come out on top?

Source: Industry Gamers



  1. Considering though how with Kinect, you only need 1, and with Move, I’d imagine most people would have at least 2, Kinect is still pretty far ahead if you think about it in terms of how many in each household.

    • I only have one Move.

      • Is it ‘Hey. How you doin’?’ ;D

      • *applause* Most witty, well done.

      • It should have been: “I would like to move you, move you”

    • Actually, a PS Eye, a Move, a second Move, a Nav and a Sharpshooter is what you’d consider “all set”.

      • For a single person, that is.

      • I think that was implied when you said ‘Sharpshooter’… ;)

      • True, will be interesting to know if the 9 million includes the Nav controller too, or if it’s purely the move controller.

      • I think it’s probably based on singular sales of move & bundles that the move is included in.

        I don’t think that they would have included singular nav sales in with this, but i could of course be wrong depending on whether they wanted to ‘boost’ figures for marketing purposes.

    • ether way it is 9 million so good for Sony & more games for us.

    • I don’t care how you try and spin Microsoft’s shameful sales figures for Kinect, all I know is Move has a VERY healthy selection of games, and Kinect has well pretty much the same as what it launched with, just more of the same jumping and waving games.

  2. Sweet, nice to see Move catching up. I’m guessing sales weren’t so great last year.

  3. Surprised at both figures if I’m honest. What passes as a unit by the way? One of the camera/controller sets, or does any official Move peripheral (additional motion controllers, Navs) also count?

    • This is an excellent question and why sometimes these figures are dangerous. I’d say they mean the actual move controller with the ball counts as one unit. Since one than one controller can be use with one ‘eye’ and nav controller’s are optional this seems the most reasonable measure.

  4. Wow, it’s that close? Nice!

  5. I wonder how many of the 9 million get used.

    • Probably more than the 10 million kinects

      • You might be surprised – I am pretty sure that there are a lot of lazy gamers out there still barking orders at kinect from the comfort of their sofa’s.

        Trouble is that half of them haven’t yet realised that it won’t bring them a cup of tea.

    • Mine will see it’s first use in a while at Christmas – Zumba! Wait, I mean House of the Dead Overkill!

    • Alot of them, as there are some REALLY good Move games, unlike the tripe that Kinect has…

      Kinect software is SO bad, Microsoft need to distract everyone with “cool” PC gimmicks to use it for.

  6. I have 3 Move controllers. They are currently gathering a large amount of dust. Only hanging onto them till Sorcery comes out.

  7. Did my usual trick of going head first into the latest shiny thing. Bought 2 moves 1 nav and about 3 or 4 games, then a sharp shooter.

    Traded it all in bar 1 Move and put the credit against a Kinect. Yet neither barely see the light of day… Although Kinect seems better supported and more fun TBH.

  8. Too bad mines collecting dust. Too hard to use in KZ3.

    • I had that too, got the sharpshooter too, just couldn’t get my head around it. Plus you look like a proper twat pointing a big rifle at the TV and moving around all over the place!.
      Just use mine no with the kid in eye pet, will probably get another move controller for the eye pet and friends so we can game together.

  9. Until some more games designed specifically for Move, eg Sorcery, I think I will wait. However if they patched Move support into Skyrim, that would be a dream come true.

  10. Interesting figures for the Kinect. Seems like the only thing that made it sell was the massive hype machine Microsoft rolled out for it. Ubisoft are right.

    Surprised about the move figures, it did better than I expected. I haven’t yet picked one up, I don’t see the point – my dualshock is perfection.

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