PlayStation 3 Firmware 4.00

With the Launch of the PS Vita happening next month in Japan, it seems PlayStation have been working to get the PS3 ready to become a “content management device” for the Vita.

Which brings the announcement of firmware 4.00.


For those of you who will be buying a Vita, this update will enable you to:

  • Copy your media (games, music, photos and videos) between both the PS3 and Vita
  • Back up your Vita save data to your PS3
  • Update your Vita via the network features or your PS3

For those of you with PS+ 4.00 will enable you to enable/disable individual updates. I.e.

  • Game Patches
  • System Software
  • Recommended games and videos
  • Trophy Syncing

And finally for those without PS+ or those who won’t be getting a Vita, you’ll be able to enjoy:

  • New PSN privacy settings for filtering friend requests and messages.

The update will go live sometime during this week, and as always, we’ll keep you posted if we learn any more.

The update is available now.  Users have come across some interesting ‘hidden’ features in addition to the above, the best of which we’ll collate and list below:

  • There’s now a health warning screen when the console boots, and per-game warnings under ‘Info’
  • There’s a PS Vita System Application Utility menu under the XMB
  • You can delete the PS Vita’s System Backup from the XMB
  • UK users will rejoice at the British English system language

We’ll add to this as reports come in, let us know if you find anything.



  1. I don’t get it, I’ve never got Recommended games and videos from the auto updates.

    • I have often found demos downloaded by the console without me asking. Not logically either, downloading demos of games I own.

      • I used to get them but it stopped months back and like Spence said, they weren’t very cleverly targeted, it would install either ones I had already downloaded or demos for games I own and play.

        I’d rather a facility to just automatically download free content on a weekly basis when it enters the store.

  2. *cough*newstore*cough*

    • That’s been live since last Wednesday I do believe

    • It has indeed, pay attention Josh! Also, how exactly did you end up with that tag?

      • It’s from the time one of the TSA crew walked in on him & discovered his luggage fetish.

      • I don’t have a PS3 anymore, sorry! :P

  3. But where is cross game chat :D

    • will never happen

    • Pssh lies, XGC will happen all they have to do is cross the chat streams, deadly stuff could kill

  4. Now what I’m interested in, are the hidden features, which are usually there, that they don’t tell you about.
    In any case, fairly good update, adds a fair number of things which are useful I guess. Nothing “fun” though.

  5. “Sometime during this week” is pretty much ‘now’. I just had to update in order to sign in. Another main feature according to the short release notes shown during the update is the addition of British English language support. Finally all you guys will be able to understand what’s going on in the games and don’t just have to look at the pretty pictures ;)
    Apart from that there’re little obvious changes. A new ‘PS Vita System Application Utility’ folder was added above the ‘Game Data Utility’ folder.

  6. I just want my Vita now.

  7. Actually I just downloaded it ( -_-)

  8. There is also an option for UK English. Seeing as there are no other features for a non plus and not vita person to get excited about I’m going to rejoice that my console will now spell ‘centre’ and ‘colour’ properly. Yay!

    • But why then why don’t we spell other words like that such as wintre? I’ll stick with center but only as I work at center parcs :-P

      • Geek alert:
        Centre comes from the Latin Centrum, Winter is Germanic. It’s all to do with where the words originated :-)

      • I asked for that :-D

        But now I know hehe

    • It’s not proper, it’s different. Language evolves and changes by region. Get off your high horse or go back to speaking ye olde English.

      • But they are proper for British English…

      • He said “properly” insinuating American English is “improper”.

        It’s not, it’s just a different variation.

      • American English is improper in England though, just like British English is improper in the US.

      • Well, American English is a bastardized dialect, but I concur it has become (for better or for worse) International English.

        And no, I’m not British.

      • I agree with them, it’s not slurring anything. No matter what way you word it the opposite would imply that American English is wrong. Which it is to us.
        Just think about it, if you had to sit and type away whilst the computer kept hitting you with corrections you would be pretty pissed off after a while. Being told your wrong when that’s naturally how you spell is damn annoying.

    • Woo-yeh! Super hyped for British English, it did annoy me that English (US) was the only option.

    • I’m a bit confused. They give us the option for UK English, yet the keypad still has $ as shift 4. And they’ve removed all the other denominations apart from $ in the symbols bit, as well as a few other things.

  9. seems a bit feature-lite for the 4.00 designation to me.

    • Perhaps they have rewritten the whole system to make the menus load faster, although I doubt it!

      • This i would like to see.

        My xmb has become ever so sluggish recently – Especially in-game.

    • Yeah that was my main thought too. A full number firmware upgrade, and there’s nothing that directly impacts me other than telling me not to play if I’ve got epilepsy, which I don’t (to my knowledge).

  10. PS3 firmware version 4.0 came out and all I got was this lousy update…
    I did expect a little more from a full version update… At least they didn’t remove anything, I guess. :P

    • I can only suspect that resources that would usually be reserved for feature development have been focused on securing the PSN network. I dont know this, just guessing

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