Gamers Complain About PS3 Firmware 4.0

It seems to happen every time – when Sony release a new firmware update, gamers seem to find issues that somehow slipped past the bug testers over at SCEJ. Some are rarer than others, but some end up – apparently – bricking the console. It’s incredibly difficult to prove, of course. When a console that “only does everything” breaks, people are apt to blame the newest addition but with so much going on, pinpointing the cause of an issue is like finding a needle in a big pile of needles.

And so to 4.0, which many are playfully dubbing the ‘Vita update’. A quick scan of various gaming forums (including NeoGAF) suggests that the latest update not only adds the annoying health warning every boot, but also causes a few issues along the way.


The main problem seems to be hard resets and crashes after ejecting the disk – especially after playing Modern Warfare 3. The PS3 will reboot, but then you’ll get the warning message saying the machine wasn’t shutdown properly.

There’s also talk that some downloads are missing: if you grabbed something from the store but didn’t install it, the bubbles are gone but the space is still allocated. Apparently if you redownload the game you’ll get two bubbles, but one can be installed and the other deleted.

It also seems like the ability to copy PS1 and Minis games from the PS3 to the PSP has either been altered or removed, if the installed copy is deleted. It’s not a massive issue – the game can be redownloaded, but it’s an odd feature to remove.

Let us know if you’re experiencing any problems.



  1. Oh boy, this doesn’t sound good. I’ve let my PS3 download and install the update when I went to bed last night and haven’t used it since then. I don’t play MW3 and I don’t have downloaded but not installed data on my PS3 so I guess I’m safe. I hope this gets sorted if it really is a problem with the firmware.

    • I just installed it about 30 min before this article was posted. I everything is OK.

    • Don’t worry, 99% of this is noise from lame Xbox fanboys that don’t even own a PS3. Many of the comments you can call then out just by reading the inaccuracies of the what they write, that they have never owned a PS3 and have no clue about specifics of how it updates etc.

      Also, I find it laughable that people are now griping about Sony putting a health warning on the PS3 when it boots, yet it was gamers who are so keen to start class action lawsuits for anything and everything. Hypocrites….

  2. Just thought i’d point out that on the trophy list on your system, the grade of trophy (bronze, sliver etc) is no longer stated in plain text, you just have to look at the icon and have faith in your eyesight.

    This isn’t the case when you compare trophies with a friend though, everything is still the same there.

    • Did you change the language to UK? if so the text and in other places is gone. Change back to US and you can see the text in trophies.

      • Is this so Americans know what Metals they are!

      • Noticed this as soon as I updated. Ydy shocker

  3. I’ve found that when I insert a disc and a patch download comes up, when I press X, it often bleeps a few times and crashes back to the XMB.

    I’ve been going through a ton of discs, reinstalling stuff after I had to format my HDD and lost everything, and it’s happened at least 10 times.

    The only game it happened more than once on was actually a PSN game, Lemmings, when I was trying to install the new Move patch. It worked eventually though.

    • Lemminngs has move?? AMAZING!

      • Yep! Lemmings 3.0, now with added Move!

      • Will be downloading the patch tonight, cheers

    • Lemmings is on the store?! When did that happen??

    • Before you press ‘X’, make sure the HDD light isn’t constantly lit. Should stop it from crashing and resetting

  4. What do you mean about the PS1 or minis copying thing?
    If you delete it you have to redownload it?
    Isn’t that what always happened?

    It’s not very clear…

    • It could mean the copy feature from PS3 to PSP has been removed? I need to check this out as I use my PS3 to store Digi files of PSP and PS1 games due to only having a small memory stick for the PSP! I hope I don’t have to keep redownloading stuff I delete, my internet speed is duff and copying is so much easier!

    • Before when you downloaded a PS1 or Minis game, you could install on the PS3 and play it, pressing triangle on it would give you the choice to also “copy” it (to a PSP). Now you either have to install it to the PS3 _or_ copy it to the PSP, but still leaving the install file right under the Games category and you can’t change album on the install files meaning it looks like a mess if you want to keep it.
      Also normal PSP games can not be installed at all on the PS3 which makes that category in the (PS3) store utterly useless since they just clutter up your games section.
      How is this reassuring of how the PS3 will handle PS Vita games?

      • Ah balls.
        I too use my PS3 to store all my PSP compatible games.

      • I know it’s complete arse, doubt they will change it as only a minority will be affected :(

  5. No problems for me yet, although I expected more from such a prominent milestone release, although it’s probably clear by now that the FW team have probably done with everything now & are just adding features for other Sony devices as typified by recent updates.

  6. *optimistic thumbs up* you never know, one day we may see an update that doesn’t cause new problems :)

    • of course, none of these are REAL problems.

      55m consoles in the field and 10 people complaining, most of who don’t even own a PS3 does not make some kind of pandemic…

      If you want to find a pandemic, Google for RROD…

      • What a delightfully fanboyish comment. Well done!

  7. never had a problem on any updates.

    • same here. any product that updates always seems fine. iOS5 was another thing recently updated without a hitch, yet people have problems. I think people look for issues tbh

    • the only problem i have had was that my HDMI output stopped working after an update and since then i have not had HD on any game.

  8. Gamers complaining?….never

    • That’s my feelings over most of it. Unless there’s really something to kick up a fuss about let’s all settle down and breathe easily. Remember. We get to enjoy games in the first place.

      1st World Problems! :-)

  9. I accidentally pulled the plug on my PS3 last night, when I re-started it gave me a message I have not seen before, that my system would be checked and fixed, where possible, if any errors appeared and that it could take up to two to three hours. It only took about 10 mins, but it felt like two to three hours! Is this new?

    • Yep this is new. It happened to me yesterday after my PS3 crashed trying to use the archaic browser.

  10. “Gamers Complain About anything” lol

    Not had any problems so far + i have ‘NEVER’ had a problem with a past update to? Maybe its because i do really own a PS3 unlike the people who complain on the internet? :D

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