Our Podcast Christmas Song Needs You

Recently a (slightly mental) TSA member came to me with a slightly unusual idea. The idea was for the community to get together in the forum and create a Christmas Song which would be sung on the TSA Podcast by Lewis, Peter and Kev.

Combine this with the fact that the thread used to create this song is in General Chat (which is unmoderated) and the nature of freedom to express profanities on the podcast and you have what could be a very NSFW but very entertaining song!

Being the great sports that they are, the podcast guys have agreed to sing whatever we come up. So for this to happen though, we need some lyric suggestions from you guys which can be edited together into something that vaguely resembles a song. Then we can sort out music and who is going to sing what parts. Also, we use the word song lightly, this may well turn into a Christmas rap!

So if you wish to take part then jump over to this forum thread and join in the festive fun by dropping down some lyrics and ideas.

Also, keep an eye on the forums in the days to come. We have the return of one of our favourite yearly events on the way plus plenty of competitions popping up in there.



  1. As Kris cant sing* can he do an dance video to the song?

    *This is just a guess but I’m fairly confident it’s a correct guess.

  2. Kris is legally banned from singing as he nearly destroyed the south east part of England the last time he tried to sing.

    I wonder who this slightly mental member is? ;-P

    I expect a very funny/dirty/mindfeck song. If not then i will be disappointed in TSA. Also vote for me as Member of the year. ^-^

    • Edit: South Eastern part, curse the bloody cold temp in here.

    • Subtle propaganda “vote for me as member of the year”. I like it.

  3. Can I do a Peter Dickson style introduction?
    I do a rather good impression…”Iiit’s TIME, to FACE, THAAA MUSIC!”

  4. Kris is a God damn spoil sport.

  5. i don’t think Peter, Kev and Lewis know what they’re letting themselves in for. ^_^

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