Could Ryse Be Going Next Gen?

Look, let’s just all agree that “Xbox 720” is stupid and consent to use my favourite name for the much rumoured next Xbox: The NextBox. Okay? Good. Now, let’s engage in some wild speculation for a Friday afternoon, shall we?

The LinkedIn profile of a former senior level designer at Crytek (now at Ubisoft) has let slip that Ryse, the upcoming Roman Empire first person punch-em-up, is for “X-Box Next Gen”. It’s just a single line on a CV but according to the dates, Crytek has been designing levels since at least January 2011 and they’ve not been destined for this generation of hardware.

Here’s a screengrab, and the page can be found through the source link.

Of course, this is not conclusive by any means but evidence of an impending unveiling is certainly mounting. It’s also worth noting that Crytek has been increasing the size of its team too.

So, Roman Empire gladiatorial combat with luscious graphics and Kinect control? Oh, oh… Kinext control! No? Okay then…

Source: LinkedIn via, GAF



  1. I’m calling it Xbox 3 until it’s officially announced.

    Yup, could be on Xbox 3 with a late 2012 release… interesting

    • Spoilsport :(

      • No way they would be stupid enough to call it Xbox 3. Would be like going backwards in naming. The whole reason they went for 360, despite marketing bullshit, is so that it would look comparable with PlayStation 3 on a shelf. They would be stupid to go with Xbox 3.

        I’ll stick with NextBox for the mo.

      • I know they won’t, they’ll have “Xbox [word]”

        They’ve already made the decision not to be -1 to PS3… PS4 whatever

      • What about SexBox, cos y’know, sex sells;)

      • yeah but ms are american, so guns and violence is ok but sex is bad.

      • Hazelam, I am an American and you are so right. As long as it is blood and death, we are fine. Let some skin show, and we go nuts. No pun intended. But SexBox was a good suggestion. I bet those would fly off the shelf for all the wrong reasons.

    • Xbox 9. Will launch same year as Windows 9 and Windows Phone 9.

  2. I’ve started to use NextBox if that makes you happy, Peter

  3. Great, one of the reasons I got my dusty Xbox – so if it goes nextgen, that’ll make me a little sad :(

  4. Oh man, I didn’t realise this game took place in the Roman Empire. Jealous! I hope it gets a PS4 port sometime so I will be able to play it.

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