Sonic 4: Episode 2 Rating Spotted

Remember Sonic 4 and how it was supposed to be split into three downloadable episodes?

Seemed like Sega had forgotten that too, as it’s been bloody ages since Episode 1 came out and there’s been almost no news regarding Episode 2 either.

Well, your fears could be allayed by the news that the Korean Rating Board has just been spotted rating the downloadable sequel, likely meaning that it’ll be coming out sometime in the forseeable future.

A rating for fellow Sega game Anarchy Reigns also appeared today – which has a Jan 2012 release pencilled in – so make of that what you will.

Source: Siliconera



  1. Once I play Sonic 4 again…. I wonder, why can’t they make it like Sonic Generations…? Well anyway I disliked the level design or themes(too much like Mega Drive Sonic levels). It is “Sonic The Hedgehog 4” after all I’ve played every one to death yet its never old, if it was a true Sonic 4 I would’ve kept going back to it for a bit of fun, just doesn’t deliver to me.

    I do hope that they improve on a better soundtrack since it was unbearable and I would also love to see the animations to be 2-D hand-drawn sprites than 3D..or something it was awful and felt out of place.

    • The reason Sonic 4: Episode I played like the Mega Drive games is it was supposed to. Sonic Generations was based off Sonic 4 not the other way around. Episode II is going to follow Episode I rather than Generations.

      I wonder if they’ve confused Sonic CD with Episode II. CD is due out next weeks according to the latest rumour. Seems too close to have Generations out in Nov, Sonic CD in Dec and Episode II in Jan.

      • Oh no…. I mean levels where too similar to Green Hill, Casino Night or labyrinth zone. I’d much like it to be more like a sequel of Sonic and Knuckles not a revisiting of certain levels…. that how I experienced it..

      • That’s exactly what I thought. It was more like a greatest hits of Sonic levels rather than an original game featuring new ideas. Although having said that I still prefer the art direction and sound track to that of Sonic 2 which was just awful compared to 1 and 2 in my opinion. They need to drop all these gimmics such as the homing attack and theme levels like ‘collect 200 000 rings to progress’ though. They were just dull.

      • *I meant the art and sound direction of Sonic 3 above.

      • Agreed it could and should have been a better game. I think the feedback they got from Episode I lead to a much better Generations. Let’s just hope that they this up with Episode II.

        The idea that they’ve some how managed to keep Episode II completely secret until this point does seem bit mad. I doubt Sega would launch 3 titles from the same franchise in three months together like that.

        I am however looking forward to news on Episode II. Just hope it does become a truely original development and not a rip off from the designs of other games. I wonder if they will have it on Vita as well?

  2. So happy to be hearing this. Loved Sonic 4: E1 but kept wanting more. Thank you Sega. This is how Sonic was meant to be.

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