Explosive New Mass Effect 3 Trailer Revealed

So the VGAs are in full swing, and an action-packed trailer for Mass Effect 3 has been released. You may remember it was this time last year that the game was actually revealed, with that spine-chilling teaser.

It certainly looks good.

Source: GameTrailers




  2. I wish they’d shown some RPG-stuff (not the explosive kind), this looked more like Gears of War to be honest. It still looked sweet though.

  3. Holy-Jesus-Shepard!

    That’s looking a lot more spritely than ME2, who knows – I might actually enjoy the combat this time! :)

    Awesome trailer, hope there are more set pieces like this in the game.

  4. That massive thing … that thing that was helping Shepard out … was that a rachni???

    • I assumed it was a Thresher Maw.

    • It’s a thresher maw. The rachni NEVER get that big.

    • Was it a Thesher Maw? I thought of that but … I dunno … it just looked a bit “different”. Also my experience of Thresher Maws in the games, they tended to rear out of the ground and then attack from a static state, go back under and then rear up somewhere else to attack again, never saw one “jumping” out the ground like that to attack (it was even static during the Krogan trials in ME2 when you were fighting on foot). Unless it’s a change for the new game?

      On the comment about Rachni never growing that big, I’ve only played the games and there wasn’t much in it about the Rachni (just the one planet in ME1 then a small nod to them in ME2) so it never really said much about the species, I only got a view of the base workers and the queen. So regarding the reference of their size, was that from one of the other ME universe references (like the books)? Just interest as to where you got your information about how big they can/do grow cause the universe is so detailed it’s so easy to miss something.

    • I’m still going with Thresher Maw. See how before it comes they push that button thing, just like you did in ME2 to summon one so you could fight it with Grunt. Also that planet looks a lot like Tuchanka. You’re right though it doesn’t look quite the same, maybe they changed the design a bit.

  5. the first thing i thought when i saw the video was “they’re trying to turn it into gears of war”.

    actually, the first thing i thought was “so much for using femshep for promotional material”, i guess using a female shepard extends as far as having both versions on the game box.

    i’ll definitely be getting the game eventually, i want to finish the story.

    • yep, a few months till release and still not seeing that much female promotion apart from the competition on their facebook page a few months back :|

      No matter to me though, will defiantly be getting this :D

  6. I’m commander Shepherd and this is my favourite game of next year.

    It looks excellent although the brutes look like the ogres from DAO.

    I hope they will start showing us the RPG elements as we’ve seen very little of them so far. The gameplay is improved but i want to see the improvements to the RPG side.

  7. its hard to belive that this is an rpg

    • Is it though? The second game wasn’t much of an RPG so if they go further down that route then it’ll be more like Gears than an RPG. Sure they’re speaking a lot of rhetoric about “going back to their roots” but that’s currently just PR speak, we still don’t have a lot of solid information about the RPG elements.

    • ME 2 was really boring and it didn’t feel like an RPG, i just hope ME 3 isn’t boring and i hope it have more RPG elements…

  8. Still yet to finish 2. Got pretty far but then hit a wall and just kind of stopped. Will have to go back at some point.

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