PSN Maintenance Incoming

Just a heads-up for all those with a PS3; there is maintenance planned for this Thursday:

“PSN maintenance has been scheduled to take place on Thursday 15th December from 16.00PM until 02.00AM GMT on Friday 16th December.

Users who attempt to Sign in during the maintenance window may receive a maintenenace message.

Users who are already signed into the PlayStation Network should not be affected.”

So, sign-in beforehand if you wish to get any online gaming done that night.

Source: OPC



  1. Sweet – my staff Xmas party is Thursday. Good timing for a change!

    • If I manage to get connected, It may give me chance to keep up with your KD/R in MW3

      • Lol! :)

        I always worry people will look at that and think I’m a camper, I’m not, I get too bored! I did play MW2 for over 31 days and got over 100,000 kills so my K:D should be pretty good. Mind you, your MW2 K:D ratio is epic!!! I want to get my Win ratio to above 65% however only getting kicked from games that I am winning, or having team members that have no intention of going for an objective will probably put a stop to that.

      • I get many people calling me a camper because of my KDR. They soon realise I don’t camp, when I kill them one side of the map, and a minute later, they are taking my scar bullets to the face on the opposite side. haha. Cant wait until they get this clan operation business up and running. Good times

      • I’m enjoying the MK14 at the moment, seems to be a 2-hit-kill from any range. Yep, we should have a few decent teams with our numbers!!

      • I’m playing a hell of a lot of mw3 at the moment and wanted to join the Tsa clan but haven’t got around to it yet. How does it work, do you invite me or do I apply or what?

    • Shocker.. someone is pleased for maintenance for a change.

  2. Cross game chat as an Xmas present?! ;)

  3. I think I will play a singleplayer games on Thursday after work…. hmmmm choices.

  4. Dammit Sony, why not do this on Wednesday instead?? Do they not know that Wednesday is date night & would therefore mean much better timing for me (as i am not even on the PS on weds)??

    What do you mean, they don’t do things just for me?? :P

    • I think Sony did mention you, however they heard it was the TSA MW3 Master competition on Wednesday, so moved it to Thursday ;)

      Alternatively, you could keep up your end of the bargain and let your wife/girlfriend go on a date with someone else, so you can play games on Wednesday?

      • If only my cloning technique had worked – None of this would be an issue! ;)

    • Ah see, Thursday is roleplay night so this is great for me! Why not shake things up a bit, take your lady out on the Thursday? Pretend you’re forgotten on the Wednesday, then surprise her with flowers and a nice romantic meal on the Thursday. No ulterior motive whatsoever…

      • Roleplay night eh? Crikey. I am now getting visions of Nurses, Plumbers & Policewomen! :O

        & if i surprise her with flowers & a meal on thursday, you can bet your bottom dollar that i would have to spend the rest of the evening trying to explain that i hadn’t actually done anything wrong & i was just trying to be nice! XD

      • Ha ha, nothing as exotic as nurses or policewomen, although the guys it roleplay with might not complain!
        Speaking as a female, you would get in tons of trouble for buying flowers, those are the rules! :s

      • I might not complain, but I don’t think it would help progress the game!

        Flowers seem to mean we have done something wrong. unless its Birthday or Valentines Day, its best to avoid the whole thing and save the trouble! ;)

        Cooking a nice meal always goes down well though, do that anyway!

      • Hmmm coo-king (that’s how you say it, right?)?? So is that what the coo-ker is for then?

        That would explain a lot! :D

  5. Phew! When I first saw this, I thought sods law would mean it would clash with the MW3 Competition!

  6. Again! Suppose run up to Vita’s launch next weekend.

  7. Before I clicked into the story I thought “all Thursday evening again?”

    Lo and behold, all Thursday evening again.

    I know downtime will always affect one region more than another, but it ALWAYS seems to be us that get affected :)

  8. You would’ve thought Sony had learnt how to spell it by now.

  9. “a maintenenace message”

    sounds menacing

  10. At least it’s not on the same day as the store update as that would be taking the mick.

    I do wish that they wouldn’t do it from 4pm-2am as it is very inconvient for those who work and want to kick back by killing a lot of people online.

    • Doesn’t it get boring after a while? *lock on* Zaku down!! *zeon Soldier: Gaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh!!!

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