Thatgamecompany’s Innovation Pays Off On PSN

Kelee Santiago, co founder of Thatgamecompany, has been talking to Business Insider. Among other things, she has praised the way the studio was “incubated” at Sony Santa Monica and allowed the opportunity to innovate.

That innovation is certainly repaying the investment that Sony has put into the studio, with FlOw leading download charts in its first year, Flower standing as the most downloaded PSN title for its first year and both games consistently sitting near the top of the charts since then.


Journey is already hotly anticipated and although it marks the end of a three game deal Thatgamecompany has with Sony, it is unlikely to be the end of the two company’s relationship – judging from Kelee’s glowing praise for the publisher.

We were going to be incubated in Sony Santa Monica’s offices, which is where we developed flOw and Flower, our first two titles. It really worked out well because it allowed us to start a game studio without worrying about some of the more managerial aspects.

Know that we finished our first game, we wouldn’t immediately have to start selling our next one. We didn’t have to tackle the challenges of doing a commercial title. That was one of the reasons we went with flOw the first time, it was based on a thesis project that we worked on. It was a pretty fleshed-out Flash prototype. And we could learn from the guys at Sony Santa Monica… who made God of War, they’re some pretty awesome

Kelee also mentioned that Sony is doing the same thing with other smaller studios that have not yet been announced so we can perhaps expect the PSN’s ability to surprise with innovation to continue for a long time to come.

Source: Business Insider via VG247



  1. I love Thatgamecompany and their games. Hopefully the other studios make the same impact on the PSN.

  2. Props to Sony for this kind of thing. They make it easy for indie devs to self publish on PSN (even though most opt for the 360 anyway) and nurture small seedling studios like this.

  3. Great that Sony is encouraging this.

    • Yep, credit to Sony, though I didn’t like flow and am not interested in journey, flower was lovely.

      • Agreed – Pretty much feel the same way. I would try flow or journey if they were cheap enough for an impulse purchase, but not going to be a day one adopter (bit late for flow now anyway!)

        Flower was nothing short of Brilliant though.

  4. Hopefully we’ll hear from Plastic soon enough! The were babysitted by Santa Monica Studio too, weren’t they? And there was a move compatible game gossip floating around some time ago?

    • You mean this one right? I loved Linger in Shadows, so very interested in where this one goes :)

  5. It’s really nice to hear about this, with the quality ThatGameCompany achieved from even their very first release it’s easy to see this kind of support for indie devs lets everyone win, Sony, the devs and us!

  6. Can’t wait for Journey

  7. I loved Flower, can’t wait for Journey to be available.

  8. The Journey beta was amazing:P + why isn’t the PlayStation bit(sony bit on this site)on this site being updated anymore? I had to come to the News bit on this site to see new PS3 news?

  9. It was a risk going platform exclusive so i’m glad it worked out for them and i’m also very glad that their games are available on my console of choice. Flow was one of my first PSN purchases and i loved it, Flower was even better and from the Journey beta it looks to bring a interesting take on online multiplayer. All three are uniquely different and quite magic experiences imo. I would think there’ll be a bluray collection released after/alongside Journeys release.
    Also it’s intriguing and a little bit exciting to hear him talk of other unannounced studios.. :)

  10. Sounds great, well done sony for this. Looking forward to Journey, it looks absolutely amazing.

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