Review of the Year 2011: January

Look, it’s that time of year again! Everything we spent all year looking forward to has been released (mostly) and nobody is talking about their new games until the new year. That means news is slowing down and we only have a couple of reviews left to publish before the end of the year.

Worry not though, fair reader! We’ve still got a lot of projects underway to ensure that there won’t be a single day between now and 2012 that TSA goes without something for you to read. One such year-end spectacular is our Review of the Year. Starting here, we’ll take a look back at each month in turn and recap the big events in the gaming world and beyond. We also mention the weather quite a bit. So sit back and relax as we begin, where else, with January…


Traditionally, in the world of videogames, January is a slow month for releases. We’re all playing the games Santa left behind as well as those bargains we grabbed in the post-holiday sales. The weather is generally awful so there’s not much hope of venturing outside for any reason that isn’t linked to earning money or obtaining sustenance. So we draw the curtains, hit the “on” switch and sink into our favourite virtual worlds.

Contrary to expectations January 2011 was actually quite a good month. We saw releases for Mass Effect 2 on the PlayStation 3, DC Universe Online brought a decent grown up MMO onto consoles for the first time and Dead Space 2 terrified us all on those cold winter nights. We also saw a release for Mindjack but they can’t all be winners.

TheSixthAxis posted 488 news stories, articles and reviews for your reading pleasure. If audio content is more you thing, January saw the launch of our regular weekly podcast, which several of you even still listen to.

In terms of gaming news, this month saw the first rumours of cloud saves appearing in future PS3 firmware updates. Sony also bragged quite loudly about the millions of PSN accounts that were set up on the network – something they were soon a lot quieter about. They also took up legal action against GeoHot in the wake of the firmware hacking scandal.

[drop2]Microsoft warned us all that there could be a shortage of Xbox 360s in North America as sales rocketed at the end of December and through January. Ultimately, of course, they managed to keep store shelves stocked. Lucky, that.

Perhaps the biggest gaming-related news of the month was Sony’s announcement of something called the “Next Generation Portable”. We got the first screenshot of Uncharted on the device and heard rumours that it would be running Android as an operating system.

January in the UK was cold and wet, as usual. There was a bit of snow and some icy conditions, especially in the North, but on the whole it was milder than the end of the previous year.

Australia had floods which caused widespread damage and it was announced that we would get a Royal Wedding in April with Prince William marrying Catherine Middleton. That last bit of news caused much rejoicing as everyone realised it would probably mean an extra day off work. The other cause for celebration from the Royal Wedding, Pippa Middleton’s rear, was something we hadn’t even dared to imagine at this point.

Join us tomorrow for a little look back at February and all that it had to offer.



  1. Never really understood the hullabaloo about Pippa Middleton’s rear. I think I was in the minority.

    • If someone doesn’t read the article properly, your comment is going to come across as the weirdest statement of the year.

    • I don’t get it either. That may be a gender thing though…

    • It’s a pretty appealing bottom in fairness…

      • Kylie waaaaayyyy outranks the boney Miss Middleton IMO.

      • Ms. Botox-Face had her day, Pippa is far more eligible these days.

    • it’s a nice arse and all, but would anybody be talking about it if she hadn’t just married a royal?

      am i allowed to use the word arse to describe the backside of a member of the royal household?
      that’s not a treasonable offence is it? O_O

      • Except it was her sister ;)

      • Not a fan of the royal family hazelam? Pretty sure she isn’t royal…. so yeah you can use the word arse.

      • I’d just stick to using the word arse to describe members of the royal household.

    • Me either, but that’s mostly to do with the fact that i didn’t watch the wedding. I’m from scotland you see, and we simply don’t really care about the monachy or their various ceremonys.

      We spent out free day off in kelvingrove park getting blutered. Party on!

      • Until the police came!

      • Quite happy to have the ‘day off’ though yeah? ;)

      • You say that like people in England care about the monarchy, beyond their ability to leverage millions out of tourists?

        Day off all round :D

    • I’d tap it….. :D

      • Excellent.. the longest discussion thread on TSA in months and it’s about Pippas Arse.

      • Was inevitable. Pretty sure Peter knew the outcome of this!

      • No problem Tuffers, glad to be of service.

      • yeah, she’d definately get it!

    • Give me a J-Lo arse any day of the week.

      • J-lo? Pah! Kim Kardashian…. Yes Way!

    • I’d give Scarlett Johansson that one special thing she’s looking for. She wouldn’t have to wait until Christmas either.

    • Did any one see this

      A woman sprays “is Pippas bum still better than mine???” on her husbands car.

      • No, but thanks, that’s hilarious!

  2. Love these year reviews. Looking forward to the next. The podcast has only been going since January. Nearly our first birthday. How quaint.

  3. It was a good month

  4. Ah Dead Space – All that build up for a generally good game but disappointing sequel (For me of course!)

  5. I still occasionally play Dead Space 2. I still occasionally play Mass Effect 2. And I still occassionally consider Pippa Middletons rear end.

    All in all, no complaints about January from me.

    • perfectly summed up – minus the ME2 bit though.

  6. As stated, considering it is just after Xmas, still a good selection of games on offer in January. Let’s hope Jan 2012 is just as good.

  7. LBP2 came out in January I believe?

    Good month for games though :)

  8. Love these articles. Thanks TSA :-)

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