Sony Confirm Vita IS Only One Account Per Machine

Will it? Won’t it? Well, no, it won’t.

Despite saying that the initial rumours were wrong (that said the PlayStation Vita only allowed one PSN account at a time) Sony have backtracked, and have today said that – yes – our worst ever fears are confirmed.

[drop2]Well, not our worst ever fears, those involve mutant potatoes and an unhealthy amount of static, but it’s still a little disappointing to read that we’ll need to factory reset the portable to change accounts.

“You will be able to just insert another memory card,” said Sony a few days back, suggesting it would be easy peasy lemon squeezy.

“It’s not just a case of switching out memory cards, it’s clearing out all of your saved data on the Vita itself when you do the factory reset,” said Sony today.  Not so lemony fresh now, huh?

A few of the comments recently on this suggested that this wasn’t really an issue, but whilst it won’t affect everyone, it does affect those of us with family and friends who want their own Trophies and Friends lists, and those of us with multiple PSN accounts used for buying content from different territories.

Like myself.

And it’s worth noting that this is actually worse than the already slightly messy situation on the PSP, which at least let you change PSN accounts via a few menu clicks, not forcing the user to wipe all the content off first.

We’re expecting our import Vitas in about a week, so we’ll have a look for ourselves as soon as possible.  In the meantime, be wary of those potatoes.

Via Wired, which is a lovely turn of phrase.



  1. What difference does it make? Sure I have a few *cough* dumny accounts, but I only use my main for games and downloads unless I get a code for another region.

    • Makes a difference to me, hence the post. Another example is that I have a public PSN account and a private one (that I use when playing non-released games so that Trophies etc don’t leak) – this might also be an issue with Vita.

  2. My solution to the problem:

    Kill your wife/girlfriend/boyfriend/sisters/brothers/kids.. no more need to use more than one account.
    bing bang bosh.

    • *Bing Bang Bong OR Bish Bash Bosh.
      Hybrid of the two can NEVER occur

  3. Not quite time to break out a rendition of “First they came…” but this is still rather tough and onerously harsh for legitimate users in quite a few situations…

    Pirates never get burdened with this kind of thing.

  4. I don’t really see the big deal here.. iPads and iPhones only have one account, if you want to change users you have to wipe everything, no-one seems to care about that… iTunes just re-syncs after you change back, in the same way the Vita supposedly can store its saves/games on the ps3.

    • Not true. I can play apps from multiple itunes on my ipad and switch in seconds.

      • How do you set that up?
        For some reason my iTunes library keeps going missing from iTunes which means I have to constantly delete my music and videos on iPad if I try to sync the iPad to my PC.
        Although at least the apps stay on the iPad…

      • I can use 2 macs both which have my account on, but if I put the ipad2 into my wife’s Mac, it wants to erase and restart.. however I concede that Apple play their own damning mind games with what stays and what doesn’t on things

    • Just ’cause “no-one cares about that” doesn’t mean it can’t be done better.

    • So because one company does something stupid others should follow? Sorry, doesn’t see the logic in that.

  5. Finding it harder and harder to justify the cost, although I really want one for the games.

  6. Its things like this which reminds me of why I left this generation. I don’t buy into hype like this anymore, only to be disappointed by something so tedious and essential not being possible.

  7. I like my “family and friends” but no way are they touching my PSVita! ! ! ! ! :D

  8. This really doesn’t concern me, if i ever get a vita, it’ll only have my data, could never be bothered with more than one account. I do feel bad for those that do though.

  9. What about sub accounts?

    Without being able to (easily) share one with my brother, I probably won’t bother getting one tbh. Too expensive for something that I would rarely use, too annoying to share. Way to lose a sale Sony.

    • Make your brothers account a main, then?

  10. Oh Sony, just make up your damn mind on this. It probably won’t affect me personally as I only have one account but as stated in the article, this is going to get pretty annoying if you get stuff off foreign stores. That being said a factory reset can’t take too long can it. Is waiting a couple of minutes really going to kill you?

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