Sony Confirm Vita IS Only One Account Per Machine

Will it? Won’t it? Well, no, it won’t.

Despite saying that the initial rumours were wrong (that said the PlayStation Vita only allowed one PSN account at a time) Sony have backtracked, and have today said that – yes – our worst ever fears are confirmed.

[drop2]Well, not our worst ever fears, those involve mutant potatoes and an unhealthy amount of static, but it’s still a little disappointing to read that we’ll need to factory reset the portable to change accounts.

“You will be able to just insert another memory card,” said Sony a few days back, suggesting it would be easy peasy lemon squeezy.

“It’s not just a case of switching out memory cards, it’s clearing out all of your saved data on the Vita itself when you do the factory reset,” said Sony today.  Not so lemony fresh now, huh?

A few of the comments recently on this suggested that this wasn’t really an issue, but whilst it won’t affect everyone, it does affect those of us with family and friends who want their own Trophies and Friends lists, and those of us with multiple PSN accounts used for buying content from different territories.

Like myself.

And it’s worth noting that this is actually worse than the already slightly messy situation on the PSP, which at least let you change PSN accounts via a few menu clicks, not forcing the user to wipe all the content off first.

We’re expecting our import Vitas in about a week, so we’ll have a look for ourselves as soon as possible.  In the meantime, be wary of those potatoes.

Via Wired, which is a lovely turn of phrase.



  1. Terrible design decision – who thought this through? Ah, no-one!

  2. This comment summed it up fairly:

    “Sony obviously don’t want my family to share a Vita, so we won’t. We’ll spend our money on something else.

    Which is funny because we have a PS3, PSP and PS2, as well as PS+ membership.

    I’m sure we would have bought multiple Vitas eventually, but we’re not going to buy a separate machine for everyone in the household at launch this month…. Sorry Sony… We’re fans, but we aren’t going to spend that much all at once.

    So, no Vita for us until A: Sony figure out how to get multiple accounts onto one machine, or B: Sony allow us to backup and restore our data from a local PS3 or from the PS+ cloud. “

    • Didn’t the last PS3 update add the backup and restore your Vita option?
      So there’s your option B! :P

  3. I’m guessing this is something to do with fighting the piracy that crippled the PSP? If so, as annoying as it is for some, I’m all for it.

  4. The answer is simple I wouldve thought – if this is a problem for you DONT BUY A VITA.

    I’m guessing for most people it wont be an issue however, it is after all pretty much exactly how phones work and nobody has much issue with that. While this isnt a phone, it does have a lot of similarities – Facebook/Twitter integration, etc. Certainly enough personal information that the device probably isnt really suitable for sharing in much the same way a phone isnt.

    • “If this is a problem for you DONT BUY A VITA.”

      Ah, OK.

      • Well alternatively you could blow it up out of proportion into a much bigger issue than it really is.

        This is becoming the vitas “otherOS” – a feature few would likely use but many get up in arms about.

      • It’s a problem to me, hence the post. Sorry if that’s an issue.

      • Quote for example:

        “and have today said that – yes – our worst ever fears are confirmed.”

        Wow. You’re worst ever fears? Really?

      • To quote Nofi STRAIGHT AFTER your quote.

        “Well, not our worst ever fears, those involve mutant potatoes and an unhealthy amount of static”

        Now who is taking something and blowing it out of proportion?

  5. “You can only earn trophies on the PS Vita system on which you first start a game. If you play the game on another PS Vita system, you will not be able to earn trophies. If you sign up for PlayStation®Network, you can earn trophies on the other PS Vita system.
    With the PS Vita card inserted in the PS Vita system that you first used to start the game, sign up for PlayStation®Network, and then start the game. Next, insert the PS Vita card into the other PS Vita system on which you want to play the game, and then sign up for PlayStation®Network using the same account. You are recognized as the same player who first started the game, and then you will be able to earn trophies.”

    This quote from the Online User Guide looks pretty promising regarding this. Found it in the trophies section.

  6. Thats quite cool, they make it sound awfully convoluted though with their wording but doesnt actually sound so bad.

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