Review of the Year 2011: March

March brings with it a promise of springtime. In the Northern hemisphere, at least, winter is shuffling away and our days are getting a little brighter. There are very few months in the year now when we don’t have some decent videogame releases and March has traditionally picked up the odd refugee from November’s packed schedule, keen to make an impression on the market before the financial year comes to an end.

March 2011 saw a number of big releases, Homefront was THQ’s big hope that, ultimately seemed to disappoint. Need for Speed: Shift 2, Dragon Age II and Crysis 2 carried EA’s hopes for the month and Shogun 2: Total War captivated strategy gamers with its stunning blend of top notch turn based exploration, political double dealing and tense real time strategy combat.

[drop2]TheSixthAxis posted 513 articles this month, including reviews of all the big releases and plenty of opinion columns that we were lucky enough to have you join in with in the comments. We also covered all of the biggest videogame news. One story that was close to the hearts of videogame fans all over the world was, of course, the Tōhoku Earthquake in Japan.

On March 11th at 14:46 local time, a magnitude 9.0 earthquake occurred under the sea off the East coast of Japan. It was the most powerful earthquake ever known to have hit the country and the ensuing tsunami heaped yet more destruction on the battered coastline. The country responded with a resolute determination for a return to normalcy that could barely be believed. Around the world, people empathised with those struggling to rebuild and donations poured in.

In videogame news, the Nintendo 3DS was released in the west and the UK’s tabloids predictably manufactured a scare story revolving around non-existent returns to retailers after the console caused dizziness and vomiting in the people they’d hired to say that the console caused them to feel dizzy and vomit. The Sun even took some photos of a numpty pulling faces, as if we wouldn’t understand what the word “dizzy” meant.

The weather, as if it wasn’t aware that we were supposed to be getting spring, decided to start snowing again in the North of the UK. We got storms and high winds across Scotland (when don’t we?) and it wasn’t until the last week or so of the month that we finally got some springtime conditions.

Join us tomorrow for a look back at April.



  1. Looking back now, Homefront was just plain rubbish. People got caught in the perfectly executed hype and tried to excuse it because at least it was a challenger to COD. Putting aside all that fluff, what a generic, mind-numbingly boring game. I mean seriously, having wrecked fridges as a door to the next part of the level each time the game needs to load, properly lazy.

    • Same for Crysis 2 I think, behind the stunning visuals was a boring first person shooter, which I struggled to finish as it didnt interest me.

      • Crysis 2 is ace though, if you like the type.

    • Having not played the game (due to reports of rubbish-ness), i need to ask: You walk through a wrecked fridge to get to another part of the level?

      What kind of madness is this?? :O

      • Yup. Several times throughout the game, your gun-wielding saviour of a character is defeated by fridges blocking the path and you have to wait for the stupid AI characters to move it out of the way.

      • Oh dear. I see what you mean… Does seem a bit of a lazy design choice.

        Could have at least broken it up a bit with the odd heavy wardrobe or desk or something! :D

      • That sounds truly awful. Glad I didn’t buy any of the games of that month I think, they all sounds a bit meh now.

      • My problem with Homefront was that it delivered so much promise in terms of setting but the game wrapped around that premise was just total pony.

  2. Dragon Age II was a pretty good time, until the repetitiveness of the locations got annoying. Crysis 2 wasn’t bad per say, but it was still a big disappointment for fans of the first. They made it too much a COD clone and lost what made the original so good. That and it completely ignored the cliffhanger ending of the first game.

    • Dragon Age 2 had like 4 dungeon designs. And to add variety they reversed the dungeon paths. Tedious seeing the same few locations

  3. Crysis 2 was a huge letdown for me. I was pretty hyped for the sequel to one of the best PC FPS games, but unfortunately it was all show and no go IMO.

  4. What a crappy month :(

  5. Got a lil way through Crysis 2 before becoming bored. Keeping the game though as i will return and finish it one day

  6. I have bought Crysis 2 on launch and have never completed the Campaign. Was hooked on Multiplayer though. Had tons of matches over the weekend with Deathbrin, brilliant games and Deathbrin always come out top of the leaderboard, the man has some mad skills! I will play campaign soon as I have got used to the controls. Might get first Crysis then play the 2nd.

    • You have to beat Crysis 2 to the very end to understand how genius the plot is. :)

      • I’m with you Deathbrin, one of the few FPS single player campaigns I’ve genuinely enjoyed this year – and the set pieces, such as the grand central station attack are superb.

  7. Homefront online was brilliant after they fixed the server issues. I brought vehicles in without the convoluted controls of Battlefield. It also brought it what CoD had been missing, killstreaks linked to class and rewards for objective play. It may have looked bad but it was very evolutionary in FPS gaming.
    Everything was overshadowed by the devastation, loss of life and untold impact to the environment caused by the earthquake and tsunami. The true scale is still not realised or accounted.

  8. It was a good month

  9. Dragon Age 2 is the worst sequel to any game that i have ever seen. On it’s own it’s roughly average but as a sequel to DAO, it is a massive turd. Sorry, i’m still pissed off about it. When i got it, i was expecting DAO with improvements and new additions not 4 dungoens, 1 city and a patridge in a pear tree. I can’t believe i wasted £40 on that.

    I have heard that Crysis 2 was a step backward. I remeber the godawful MP demo that didn’t even work. I must have only spent 1 minute in a match only to get kicked out. Plus, i turned 18 in March.

  10. I remember the feeling of anticipation and excitement when i slid Homefronts shinny blu ray into my ps3 and after a half hour completely deflated by how rubbish it was.

    So i traded it for Crysis 2 which was class imo, loved the online got almost every trophy, there’s one left and i still can’t get as Crytek have not bothered to fix the trophy glitch!

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