Frozenbyte Apologise For Trine 2 Delay

You might have noticed that Trine 2 – due for release today – was strangely absent from the PSN Store Update list.

Although it released on the US PSN Store yesterday, developers Frozenbyte have confirmed that the game has been delayed on the European Store.


Mikael Haveri from Frozenbyte has apologised for the absentee Trine 2 and said that it “most likely won’t make it for the holidays.” The delay has been caused by a “small issue” and Frozenbyte “can’t really say when it will be out” either.

Enjoy the heartfelt message here:

Source: Youtube



  1. Aww. Cute. Would.

  2. Bollocks to that, where’re my avatars sony? Eh? EH!?

  3. once again, only where scee are involved is a title delayed.

    it’s the lack of consistency that gets me, they’ll hold stuff back for months for a minor bug and then let stuff through that just does not work.

    and they have all these rules about localisation, but then they release content that is only in english.

    they have these labyrinthine rules for submission but then they don’t ask for basic information like file size.

    • Incorrect. We get stuff before the U.S. sometimes. Not all the time, but occasionally.

      • i never said we never get stuff first, because occasionally, very occasionally, we do.

        i’m talking about when titles are supposed to have a simultaneous worldwide release date, excusing different store update days, and everywhere it’s available it releases on time, except where scee have anything to do with it.

        the pattern is undeniable, scee is the only common factor.

        when so often the same title is released elsewhere and on other platforms on time, the only conclusion you can draw is that there is something wrong at scee.

  4. I wish SCEE would actually tell us the reason, it clearly can’t be something to do with the game (like a gamebreaking bug), it has to be something on their side.

    • Most likely the localisation/approval process inside the SCEE machine.

  5. Don’t you mean “Trine 2 make us feel better” :D

    I’ll make do with the demo for now, too any games to get thru over xmas already.

    • Oh man, that’s a much better pun, wish I’d thought of that.

    • this is TSA though, home of the lame pun, a great pun like that might look out of place. ^_^

  6. Given the recent history of delayed releases on the EU PSN store, I really don’t know why I expected to see Trine 2 in today’s update. Very sad, I love the first part and look forward to this since the announcement (E3 last year, I think) :(

  7. Issue? what issue!!!!???? It’s been released over at the usa store so can’t be a issue with the game… they could atleast have released a demo for the eu store…

    • If there is an “issue” with the localisation/approval process then there is an “issue” with the game. There are a lot things out there that can go wrong other than gameplay issues.

  8. Bullshat.

  9. The Demo(off the US store)was well cool:P Hopefully they will be quick and bring it out in Europe…PLEASE!;)

  10. I’m really dissapointed to hear of the delay as I was really looking forward to Trine 2 after enjoying the original game.

    I’m curious why it’s just the EU release that’s been delayed. I wonder what the actual reason is?

    • Monkeys in the server again, no doubt. :)

      Tsk, silly scee.

      • Well, when those apes escape, they are a colossal pain to catch – Spike over here can attest to that.

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