SSX Delayed

Mountain plummet sim, SSX, has been delayed by an inconceivably massive two whole weeks. The game will now launch on February 28th in the U.S. and March 2nd in Europe.

The development team are using the extra two weeks to refine and tweak the game, ‘to do all the little things that may not be noticeable during the first hour or two playing the game, but are appreciated over the course of days, weeks, months and beyond.’


We asked two gamers for their opinions on the delay;  Derek ManInTheStreet said, ‘It’s two weeks. No worries,’ but Joe InternetMessageBoard screamed ‘OMG EA you suck! I am boycotting this game! This is so unfair! Give me everything NOW!



  1. They can delay it for as long as they like, this is going to be such a good game. *Breaks out copy of SSX 3*

  2. I’d be upset if they didn’t delay it. Delays only happen to good games right…?

  3. Not unsure by this. The original got me into the series, Tricky was just amazing but I haven’t really enjoyed one since.

  4. I’m HUGELY skeptical of the advertising slant that this game has. The last trailer used the music from Tricky, and this one has that Tricky special bar at the bottom. I don’t know what this game is like, but it looks like it’s trying to get a bucketload of sales from the Tricky nostalgia. Sure, Tricky was great, but this isn’t Tricky. This also makes me think that the game isn’t that good..

    • It really isn’t tricky… At. All.

      At least the build that i played at eurogamer was nothing like it anyway. It was bloody awful IMO.

      It was like they took the ‘sim’ game that they started to create (was it deadly descents or something?) & tried to slap some tricky-esque stuff on it to try & lure in the people that enjoyed tricky. Didn’t work for me.

      I just found it confusing & unenjoyable. I have said it before & i’ll say it again, just do a SSX HD Collection. Failing that, i’ll be happy with SSX Tricky HD.

      • That’s what I’ve heard, that’s why I think it’s bad they’re using tricky to sell it. Gonna be a whole bunch of disappointed and angrily nostalgic fans.

      • Sounds decidedly ropey, and my hopes are high for this too! Erk!

        Demo please.

  5. Like the base jumping bits.

  6. Looks like a lot of fun. Totally forgot about this.

  7. Really looking forward to this, haven’t had any good snowboarding games for a while. The delay will give me time to finish up with uncharted 3, skyrim, battlefield 3 and a few challenges on arkham city :D

  8. WOOOO! a new SSX game!!! i cant wait, i have really forgotten how fun it was to play SSX…
    the last SSX game i played was SSX3 on the PS2 and it was awwwseooome!!!
    but when i first read “SSX delayed” i was like: NOOOOOO!!!! then “with 2 weeks” : *relieved sigh*
    hope it got some kind of multiplayer so i can play with some fellow TSAgents ;)

  9. In the words of Arnie…
    “Twoooo weeeeeeks”

    Two weeks throws out my gaming leave schedule, I was going to take two weeks off to play FFXIII-2 and SSX. (I have too much holiday.)

    Oh well… as long as it’s good.

  10. Anyone know if this is all “open mountain” rather than specific trackscourses like the original games? Hopefully the latter.

    • From the build i saw at eurogamer, you select a specific course rather than having to ski/board to a location, but that could all change come release!

      • Cheers, i might need a demo first so!

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