What We Played #32

When I ask what the team have been playing each week the responses I normally receive normally consist of a list of games with or without a few words about each. Toby’s reply this week was different.

He said he didn’t want to admit what he’d been playing in case I stopped asking. That can only mean one thing; he’s been playing yet more FIFA Ultimate Team. For the sake of providing him with a healthy variety in his gaming next year I hope his friends and relatives have been paying attention to his Christmas list.


Chris’ gaming is also still currently set to its default position of Starhawk. While the sound of Deus Ex: Human Revolution dropping through his letterbox provided a momentary distraction it wasn’t a long enough diversion to see said game shorn of its shrink-wrap.

[drop2]Our in-house Warhawk fan, who’s a great teammate and difficult opponent, is thoroughly enjoying the latest update to the Starhawk private beta which has added Team Death Match mode to the formerly Capture The Flag-only game. “The changed mechanics, ebb and flow of the action are fascinating”, he tells us, “the title continues to go from strength to strength”.

While on the subject of default game settings it would be remiss of me not to mention Tuffcub and Killzone 3 at this point. He’s been left shell-shocked by only ranking ninth in a recent game. His conclusion? He needs to play more Killzone. Perhaps it was his brief bouts of Starhawk and Gotham City Impostors that put him off his game.

Aran has also been playing the Gotham City Impostors beta, as shown by his hands on article yesterday.If you’d like a more concise version he says “it’s something so ridiculous it shouldn’t work, but it does”. Naturally, Skyrim features in his week’s gaming but that’s been squeezed out as he’s been reviewing Persona 2: Innocent Sin for us.

Someone else who’s focusing most of their gaming around forthcoming site content is Jim who is delving back into DC Universe Online after volunteering to write some more posts about it. He’s invested in the latest Flash-centric DLC but after a week’s play says he’s still “not feeling the benefits”.

Sure, I have a new character imbued with the power of electricity (not quite as entertaining as the Fear/Will powers of the Green Lantern expansion) but everything else included in the expansion is strictly endgame stuff which is taking some time to get to (players have to collect high-level equipment before they can even access this content). Still, I’m enjoying the core game and hopefully the folks at SOE won’t hesitate in supporting the game with more updates following its first anniversary next year.

Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception’s online has also been on the receiving end of his attention and contrary to other shooters he’s played Jim is really getting into the game’s objective-based modes, even going so far as to call its Team Objective mode “God’s gift to the multiplayer shooter”.

Josh has finally completed StarCraft 2’s campaign only to find out that the Protoss side-missions are no longer available once you do so; so it’s back to an earlier save game for him. Aside from that he’s reverted to nugget-sized gaming in the form of Angry Birds, which has rekindled the flames of his addiction for the pig-murdering title. Scribblenauts has also been the beneficiary of some of his attention.

As for myself, I’ve played my usual session of Gran Turismo 5 online but haven’t a sufficiently large chunk of free time to make delving into the world of Skyrim a sensible proposition. Instead I revisited arcade memories from too many years ago and fired up the recently released PSN version of SEGA’s Daytona USA.

[drop]I spent far too much money on the arcade version of Daytona, especially if the arcade in question happened to have a full set of eight connected together. The PSN version accurately recreates the game (it’s crash damage and flying-car physics perhaps suggesting where GT5 got its inspiration), the only question mark being over the game’s replayablility.

The time trial and challenge modes do add a little to the core game and I’ve yet to try the online multiplayer or hook up my racing wheel for a more arcade-authentic experience. For profligate spending trophy whores hounds you can collect the set in around an hour with no great degree of skill required.

If easy trophies are of no interest and you don’t foster fond memories of the game from a mis-spent youth hanging out in arcades there’s likely little to make the game worth your while.

What have you been playing in the run up to Christmas weekend?



  1. I managed to hook up a DS3 wirelessly to my iMac, then played the free copy of portal 2 I got with the PS3 version. My brother was on the PS3, we played co-op, in the same room, but not split screen. It were awesome. Other than that, Dirt 3, shadow of the colossus, black ops, had one of my best matches, got a K/D of 12.00 online, without camping. Then BF3. I’m slowly working through a lot of games, gotta play more skyrim too..

  2. Played the free PS+ Marvel Pinball game which is pretty good although sunglasses are recommended. Sessions of GT5, F1 2011, Burnout Paradise and WRC2. Thought about buying that Jurassic park bundle on the Store as the price is reasonable but it’s had mixed reviews!

  3. Just Godfather 2 and MW3 for me this week. The MW3 multiplayer has me quite taken with it, struggling to find even the remotest semblance of interest in the story though in a complete contrast to previous games.

  4. Finished off Dead Island and Mass Effect 2 this week. Both very good games, awesome for the latter, and I thoroughly enjoyed my playthroughs. Also playing Marvel Pinball whenever I have a bit of free time. Great little game for a quick blast.

    I’m hoping next weeks will feature some skyrimming, shooting in a modern warfare and on a battlefield, becoming a saint of the row, becoming a bat in arkham city and 3ds games which I can’t be arsed to think of something to say for. We shall see.

  5. I’ve taken a break from Skyrim as it’s too demanding of my time at the moment, so i’ve been mucking around with Saints Row which plays much better than SR2 and is great fun – my only gripe being the numerous body-contorting hits the enemies are able to take before dropping.
    Also, i picked up Renegade Ops cheap and i’m really enjoying it, it’s a little bit more varied than i expected too which is a bonus.
    And last but not least, the Trine 2 demo which was way too short but already i can see how they’ve improved over the original and will be watching out for it’s release.

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