Podcast: TSA AllStars – Ho Ho Ho (Santa’s Back)

So, er, do you remember when we asked some of the greatest minds of our generation to come up with some lyrics for a song? Well, they all turned us down so we had to resort to the depths of depravity in our forums for help.

The ensuing rap that they wrote wasn’t exactly the delicate little ditty we wanted but it was the one we deserved. Still, if a joke is worth doing, it’s worth following through to the cringe-worthy, uncomfortable end so we each recorded our parts (except Kris, who is a misery) and sent them off to Tuffcub so he could make it into something vaguely resembling music.

What came back is a little bit of a surprise. I should inform you all that each of the three of us went for different musical styles. Kev went for the Beastie Boys and ended up more like Goldie Lookin’ Chain. Lewis decided that the West coast was the best coast and hooked us up with some Snoop D-o-double-gizzle-styled vocals and I thought I’d sound like Plan B but ended up sounding like Jimmy Carr had too much to drink at his auntie’s wedding party.

We also all decided that we’d record in slightly different timings.

Tuffcub, though, has had albums at the top of the UK charts. He’s a bit of a production miracle worker and in less than a week, he turned around a group of dewey eyed hopefuls into a new rap supergroup.

Ladies and gentlemen, with great pleasure, we present to you the TSA AllStars with their debut single: Ho Ho Ho (Santa’s Back)

It’s gone up on iTunes too, in our regular podcast stream so if you’d like to subscribe there, you should get it next time you allow an update.



  1. Great effort from the podcast chaps and some amazing editing from Tuffcub! Brilliant!

    • Also, the way Lewis says “Schreendemon” at 1:22 gets me every time!

  2. Wow, awesome guys! :)

    Especially well done to Tuffcub. Awesome job!

  3. Very impressive, top job by the knob twiddler!

  4. Seriously impressive result, guys. Really genuinely got into that! Incredible job by Tc too. TSA does a lot of awesome and amazing things but it’s this sort of thing and the community interaction in particular that not only separates but raises you above all the other sites out there. Merry Christmas.

    • Well said aerobes and I wholeheartedly agree, well done guys and thanks for a great site and community!

  5. Absolutely brilliant! Great work done by all. Shows what makes this site so much better than anywhere else. Have a great Christmas everyone!

  6. Cried for about ten minutes when I heard this first time. No laughter, just tears. It’s beautiful.

    • Showed my parents this. I think they loved it.

  7. Awesome.

  8. awesome job guys! this is just awesome… i can’t find words… i must listen to it again! =D
    if the other song made my christmas happier and better, then this song made my life MUCH better! =D
    sooo awesome job TC putting it all together!
    this is the most amazing site on the world wide web! love u all guys! <3

  9. Top work TC, and great job on the vocals from Peter, Lewis and Kev too. This surpassed my expectations.

    Merry Christmas all.

  10. This is great. I’m really impressed, well done guys. Also very nice to see some of my lyrics creep into that. :D

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