Game of the Year 2011: Downloadable

The downloadable game market is becoming more and more difficult to define. For the purposes of this category, we decided that we would only consider games which are exclusively available via download. We included any downloadable game which was not for a handheld platform (those were included in the handheld category coming later).

We also decided that Minecraft, while exclusively available as a download, was more suited to the PC category. So for those of you hoping to see Mojang’s blocky blockbuster here, come back when we publish our PC Game of the Year results and you might see it on that chart.

As with all categories, we asked for nominations of games which we thought were deserving of consideration. Each member of staff was then asked to submit a top three and those results were counted up and the below chart compiled.

So, without further ado, we’re pleased to announce that TheSixthAxis’ Downloadable Game of the Year 2011 is the delectable RPG, Bastion.


  1. Stacking, for just about the only original gameplay concept this year for me.
    Renegade Ops was a blast too, especially in co-op

    • It sounds like I may have missed out on Stacking, I shall look out for it on the store next time I go shopping!

  2. I hardly ever grab games from PSN/XBLA. Hell if it weren’t for PS+ I would have skipped Stacking but I’m glad I didn’t. If I would have gotten Payday before the 2011 voting that would surely be up there too.

  3. Still waiting for Bastion to come to the PSN.

    Stacking was refreshing. Might get Renegade Ops now it’s on sale, many TSA-ers appear to think it’s great.

    • Me too. I’m tempted by the Steam sale, but I’d rather have it on PS3 for some reason.

      • It’s only $5! Get both. Problem solved.

      • I’m also tempted to get it on steam, but steam keeps fucking me over with games breaking for no reason :/
        Also not a fan of mouse/keyboard, so use a program to map keys to a PlayStation Controller, that’s the awesome bit :)

      • @bacon_nuts: I’ve got a 360 controller for my PC for just that reason, don’t even have an Xbox 360.

      • Yeah, I’ve gone a bit overboard. I have a ‘magic mouse’ for just using the computer, which is wireless, a cheap wired mouse for gaming, cause it has defined buttons and a click wheel, then i use controllermate and a ps3 controller, it’s way too much stuff.. And mapping buttons is way too much work.

  4. So bastion is only on XBLA then? Don’t understand how it can be attributed as goty if only available on one platform atm

    • XBLA, Steam, OnLive, Google browser thingy

    • And it will be coming to PSN down the line.
      Anyway, what’s the problem?
      Would you complain the same way if Uncharted 3 wins overall GOTY?

      By the way, that graph is hard to read.
      Could you guys vary the colours a bit more next time please? Black, yellow, brown etc. wouldn’t go amiss.

      • same here, struggling with the shades of blue, i know the key is in order but still mind f**k

      • Yeah, the graph is horrible.

      • It’s not hard at all. Left to right, as you would read a book. Then on to the next line for the next three titles.

        None of the colours on the same lines are the same so it shouldn’t be hard, it’s just reading from left to right and counting to three.

      • Graphs shouldn’t require instructions. ;)

      • Next time you could flip the table 90 degrees, then the text can still be next to each bar, and the right way up. That would work.

    • Because it’s a downloadable game and the catergory covers all platforms. :-) I suspect it will head to the PSN store in 2012.

  5. I’m colour deficient & that graph is a nightmare to decipher.

  6. Personal favorite was burnout crash, just about the only game I’ve downloaded this year

    • Doesn’t that fact automatically mean it /has/ to be your fave ;)

  7. I’ve spent more on the PSN store than disc this year. Good to see Might and Magic up there.

  8. Looking forward to Bastion when it’s out on PSN.

  9. Stacking was great, so was inFAMOUS Festival of Blood and Renegade Ops looks cool, but I’ve yet to buy it so I must say the holiday sale is very tempting.

  10. For me, would have to be DC Universe Online on the PS3. Far too addictive for my liking, but that’s probably because I was always a big fan of DC comics.

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