Game of the Year 2011: Multi Format

This is definitely the most active individual category, and one of the most hotly contested. There were some real quality games this year and it was really nice to see some of the staff give nods to games like Rayman Origins and Child of Eden.

Of course, games like Modern Warfare 3 and Battlefield 3 were also acknowledged, along with other balls-out shooters like Rage and Bulletstorm. We also remembered our RPGs with games from different ends of the spectrum being recognised in Skyrim, Dragon Age II and Deus Ex: Human Revolution.

All in all, the strength of this year’s field of multi platform games was indicative of what a good year it was to be a gamer. There were so many options to choose from.

There can only be one winner though and this year, the award goes to a game which was released fairly early in the year but obviously had enough quality about it that it was fresh in our minds when we cast our votes.
TheSixthAxis’ Multi Format Game of the Year 2011 is Portal 2. For science.


  1. Nice to see Deus Ex quite high up, that game ticked so many of my boxes :)

  2. I don’t think I’ve had a better co-op experience in any game ever than I did with Portal 2. Had awesome times in split screen with my mate.

    • Same here, fantastic game

      • wait did you say split screen? didn’t know the game was in split screen. Even though I don’t like games like Portal, I will have to consider it now

    • Me too, except I used the free pc/mac version, put that on my mac, and mapped the controls to a ps controller. We played over the internet, in the same room, each with a screen. Was amazing. The puzzles and gameplay was fantastic. I’m very happy with this goty choice.

      • Yup, superb multiplayer, amusing story and plenty of nods to its predecessor. Plus the amount of bite Valve have managed to squeeze out of such an old engine is astonishing at times.

      • It’s amazing isn’t it. I think i read it’s because they originally designed it so that they could just improve it by adding new things or improving existing bits, instead of having to rebuild the whole thing. Pretty clever…

  3. Am pleasantly surprised that Portal 2 was remembered in the face of more recent strong competition like Skyrim & B:AC

    A good showing from Rayman & Child Of Eden too

    • Yeah, I was quite glad to see Rayman claim 5th place. Well deserved spot.

  4. I’m soo happy to see Portal 2 were it belongs, at the top!

  5. The multiformat games were a bit disappointing this year. Batman and Assassins Creed were a step backwards from previous games. Portal was a solid puzzle game in a pretty box. LA Noire was good but flawed and lost its way in places. Dead Space 2 is still sitting on my shelf, I’m hoping that isn’t a let down.

    I’m suprised by the lack of Sport/Racing titles in the list as they were some of the best this year.

    • Batman was a step backwards? Derp.

    • I personally think Batman improved in pretty much every aspect.

    • I reckon Arkham City is way better than Asylum

      • From my experience it should be nearly impossible to create something that is actually worse than AA…

      • Mine too, remove the Bat and you’ve got one of the most shallow & repetitive games there has ever been.

  6. Aw Darks Souls is way behind Skyrim and even Rage…. :( I thought that was the title that deserved GOTY in my eyes, one of the best games I’ve played this year and thats with tough competitiveness with Sonic, Yakuza 4, Tropico 4 and er……. Monster Hunter Tri G (dream).

    • I just started playing Dark Souls about an hour ago, stopped about five minutes ago because the lack of an indication of how to kill that Asylum Demon was annoying.

  7. Wow, I didn’t see that one coming. I rented Portal 2 but wasn’t really impressed, it is very shiny and the voice acting was brilliant, but I found the puzzles became boring after a while, I sent it back after ending up in that old place. It really needed some different elements to the gameplay to keep the monotony away.

    Personally it was a draw between Skyrim and Deus Ex.

    • I can see where your coming from, but if you’d stuck with it, after about a few hours the game really gets going and its immense.

      • Yeah, Portal 2 was easily one of the best games of this year. You should give it another go, it really gets going after about 2 hours and the second half is really really good.

      • I might look for a cheap one, I guess the puzzles were pretty cool.

    • I also got a bit bored of the endless puzzles, but the scripting and story drove me through and I loved it, so it depends how much it captures you I guess!

  8. I expected skyrim to win but portal 2 definitely deserved it.

  9. My personal GOTY is Skyrim despite its many flaws, but full respect for Portal 2 as it is a class game, and most certainly my runner up for GOTY.

  10. Portal 2 was my first shiny Platinum. SO proud of it too! Glad it got GotD, a title well deserved! this makes me want to go back and do the DLC now.

    • Don’t mean you’re GlaDOS it got GOTY! …

      “tumbleweed and crickets come in numbers never seen before”

      I’ll grab my coat.

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