Game of the Year 2011: Multi Format

This is definitely the most active individual category, and one of the most hotly contested. There were some real quality games this year and it was really nice to see some of the staff give nods to games like Rayman Origins and Child of Eden.

Of course, games like Modern Warfare 3 and Battlefield 3 were also acknowledged, along with other balls-out shooters like Rage and Bulletstorm. We also remembered our RPGs with games from different ends of the spectrum being recognised in Skyrim, Dragon Age II and Deus Ex: Human Revolution.

All in all, the strength of this year’s field of multi platform games was indicative of what a good year it was to be a gamer. There were so many options to choose from.


There can only be one winner though and this year, the award goes to a game which was released fairly early in the year but obviously had enough quality about it that it was fresh in our minds when we cast our votes.
TheSixthAxis’ Multi Format Game of the Year 2011 is Portal 2. For science.



  1. I completely agree with Portal 2! Glad for Rayman Origins as well, bought it, not started yet as I’m saving it for co-op with my girlfriend when she gets back after New Years.

    Loved Arkham City as well, played through twice. Skyrim I’m enjoying, incredibly long but eventually I might finish it. Deus Ex, started out well but the boss fights ruined it for me so I gave up. Didn’t have the time to play much of Rage but enjoyed what I’ve done so far. AC: Revelations, enjoying but no time so far, uni and work and whatnot. Also really enjoyed LA Noire, almost platinumed.

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