Top 100 of 2012: 9 – Borderlands 2

Borderlands 2 was one of the oddest announcements this year. For those of you have forgotten the saga that revolved around Gearbox CEO Randy Pitchford, it all took place in August and started with Eurogamer saying they’d heard an announcement about the game would be arriving “soon”, with the game to release in 2012. Now this is the sort of news that crops up frequently, and often turns out to be wide of the mark or flat out wrong. Generally it’s treated with responses of “We don’t comment on rumours or speculation” from the companies involved. However, this time Randy Pitchford took a slightly… different approach.

Instead of just letting it slide by or refusing to comment, Pitchford took to Twitter. He started by calling Eurogamer’s article, which “confirmed” the game, shoddy journalism. Of course it wasn’t all that shoddy, given that the game was officially confirmed just a single day later. That confirmation wasn’t enough to keep Randy off of Twitter, with him going on to suggest some foul play from Eurogamer and equating the leak to the News of the World phone hacking scandal. It was all, frankly, a bit strange.


As for the game itself, it was a few weeks until we got some real details about the sequel to 2009’s Borderlands. The game remains set on Pandora, although takes place five years after the first game. Whilst the four characters from the original game will return, they’ll only serve as NPCs who crop up during  various campaign missions. Instead the game will feature four brand new characters trying to over throw Handsome Jack, a villain who’s risen to power by claiming the treasure of the first game’s Eridian Vault.

Unsurprisingly it looks like these four characters will share several characteristics with the first game’s characters, although as we’ve only seen two so far this is just an assumption based on that. The first of these two characters is Salvador, a large man nicknamed “Gunzerker”. As you may have guessed he’s pretty handy with a gun, and has the ability to dual-wield any combination of guns. In many ways he’s like Brick from the first game, in both abilities and in appearance.

The second character is a Siren, like Lilith from the original game. Named Maya, her powers are unknown right now, although it seems unlikely that she’ll share Lilith’s phasewalk ability, as all Siren’s have different powers.

In other changes from the original, Gearbox have vastly expanded the game’s colour palette, although it keeps the cel-shaded art style. Whilst the original wasn’t a wild flurry of colours, they really have decided to branch out in the sequel. Frankly it’s looking quite beautiful right now, and it will probably only get better as more details and images of the title appear in the coming months.

Although the game retains much of the gameplay from the original, there have been some tweaks. These include a significant expansion of the game’s weapon system, an overhaul to the vehicles and a new dynamic quest system. This means that if, for example, a friend dies during a quest not only will you fail the quest, but it will have ongoing consequences on the game’s plot.

As the game is currently set for a July 30th release we can probably expect to see a lot more about the game in the coming months.



  1. Can’t wait for this one. Big fan of the original, one of the few games that kept me engaged for long enough after finishing the story to want to do it again, and keep going for the platinum trophy, so I’ve got high hopes for losing a lot of time to the sequel.

    • I never obtained platinum but I’m with you on every other thing you say. The first was such a pleasant surprise and even now is in the top 5 PS3 games I’ve played. Big hopes regarding this one.

    • +1 mate. I feel exactly the same.

  2. Same here, the first one was fantastic and the additional content was also very good :D

  3. I’ve not played the first game but i have heard that the story was very weak. Plus, it had a billiongazillion guns according to their marketing campaign. I hope that Borderlands 2 will have an excellent story as i will jump on it if it has. :)

    Plus, i wonder if they will cut down the amount of guns as i doubt that anyone will need to use every single one. ;)

    • The guns are divided into four categories and the difference lies in fire rate, damage (acid, fire etc), ammo capacity, range etc etc.

      A lot of fun, believe me :)

      • Oh yeah, lots of fun. So hard to pick favourite guns from such a large selection though, trying to keep a mixed selection for every eventuality was tough!

    • You just wouldn’t understand the appeal of millions of guns till you play it, the search for the perfect one is never ending and highly addictive.

      • Yeah I would say you should definitely play Borderlands before trying to comment on it, it’s quite unique and I personally fins it hard to pin down why exactly it is so addictively fun.

      • I couldn’t even tell you the storyline even though I’ve played through it 4 times but some how I am not bothered by that flaw, the game just sucks you in .

    • What are you waiting on to play borderlands. The story was pretty weak but man was that game damn fun. In my top 10 all time with no real story. It’s that good.

  4. When I get the opp to rebuy no 1 I will do as I still play the DLC I got with the goty edition that I bought for £15. Can’t wait for no 2

  5. really looking forward to Borderlands 2 :)
    Really really enjoyed the first!

  6. Didn’t get the first as I’m always a bit skeptical of shooters with vehicle bits, If this is good it will definitely be worth a look though.

  7. Loved the first one, but that was mainly down to the fact I could play through it with my mate, who had to move away for work. So unlikely I’ll get this one, as nobody else plays much here!

  8. All i’ll say is as long as it has a better ending than number 1, the ending ruined the game for me, and i didn’t play it again for along time even after i had brought DLC.

  9. Borderlands is one of the few open-world games to engage me.
    Simply outstanding fun- a gamer’s game.

  10. Don’t think I’ll be getting into Borderlands 2. I like the first one, but there are others higher up my priority list.

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