Next Xbox/PS4 Set for E3 Reveal

E3 2012 was always going to be interesting, what with Wii U details as well as what Sony has planned for the Vita.

However, according to a report by MCV, things are about to be taken up a notch with the unveiling of both the PS4 and a new Xbox.


Editor of MCVuk, Ben Parfitt, has said that although he cannot reveal their source for this information:

“You have my personal word on this – the source is exemplary, 100% concrete, ultra high level.”

A three-way new console battle at E3? Yes please!

Source: MCV



  1. Don’t know what they could possibly be revealing about a ps4 or new xbox to interest me. I’m perfectly happy with my ps3 right now and other than a little more graphical oomph there’s not a massive amount that could sell it to me.

    • Same here, loving my PS3 at the moment. Nothing would really interest me apart from better visuals.

      • you are going to be interested then as better visuals are a certainty

      • one thing would hardly warrant a purchase. Hopefully we are looking at a 2014 release so then I would have gathered my thoughts and more importantly…the funds.

      • I used to think like that until i saw this video
        and started imagining what games COULD look like in 1080 with high res textures, weathereffects etc.
        Not to mention enough RAM for voicechat…

      • Love mine too but I suspect a Holiday 2013 launch at the earliest.
        Even then, I will wait to make sure the first round of bugs shakes out.
        I went on launch last time and had my 360 break twice b4 jumping ship.
        My PS3s have worked fine and I anticipate at least 3+ years of enjoyment left in the old gal.
        I will wait for at least the first price drop of the new systems and I bet I’m not alone.

    • Same too – got loads of games I love that still need my attention. Hopefully it will not be out in the UK until early 2014. Plus there’s Vita coming inbetween!

      I would just like better visuals, a decent browser, more Apps like LoveFilm (SkyGo please!) and more RAM :)

      • Yeah, I’ll be ready in 2014 as well. Too many games I’ve yet to play and then there’s the Vita aswell.

    • Another wholehearted agree from me. I cannot see the need for PS4 yet.

    • Thinking about it, increased processing power could lead to one thing I’d like – larger mp games. Mag was awesome because of the amount of players online at once, cod and bf feel very limited by having so few players in a lobby. Imagine either of those games with 64+ players?

    • I can defiantly see the need for it. We have many games for consoles which looks a lot better on PC.
      We have games like Skyrim, which is in desperate need for more RAM. A game like RAGE which needs faster IO and many other games who runs in sub-HD resolution.
      We need services like cross-game chat, proper ingame browser, faster XMB & much more, which all requires more RAM.

      And “simple things” like, support for faster hard drives (sata3), TRIM support (SSD), more USB ports which can charge your devices when the system is on standby, built in support for Sony’s wireless headset and much more.

      I wouldn’t mind a PS4 in 2013, though I’m really hoping for backwards compatibility.

      • Spot on Erroneus. So many games are struggling with the PS3 lack of up to date specs. It’s just sometimes hard to see since we get the likes of Uncharted which ND has done an amazing job with.

        I’m all for a PS4. Got to remember that in no way will this come out this year, so come 2013/14 you just may be wanting a new machine.

        Pretty sure when the PS3 was announced a lot of people thought they didn’t need it, PS2 was at it’s prime. Then as release date got closer, opinions change.

      • I fully agree here. You also have to consider that the parts get cheaper the older they get. I’m pretty sure you can release a console that beats the living crap out of our current consoles for a lot less than what the PS3 cost on day 1. Just look at the power of the Vita and then look at the price amd consider that parts get more expensive the smaller they get. With a home console you have more space and thus cheaper parts with more power. I really hope they get those machines out in 2013.

      • That’s a great spec list for a PS4, I shudder to think of what it will cost in 2013/14.
        I’m very happy with my PS3 at the moment but in 2 years time I’m sure I’ll be ready for upgrade.

    • At the time the PS3 came out all the buzz was about how great the processor was and it still holds true today (as long as it’s programmed for correctly). Still need a PS4 though because the memory and the graphics are really showing their age. Games are now maxing out and a new console is needed to move forward.

    • I want full HD gaming to take advantage of the HD TV I have had for 4 years :D

      1080p with 60fps. Is definately better than sub 720p blockiness.

      Been playing in higher res for over 10 years on PC so graphics do make a diff to me – of course not as much as lounging around on a sofa :D

    • Adore my PS3, it’s my fave bit of tech. I do have a space ready for the almighty PS4s 2014 release. Exciting times….

    • Yeah, there’s going to be Dead Space 3, Tomb Raider, Bioshock Infinite, and Destiny (only got 2 games last year) and on top of that, I want to wait a year so if there are any bugs it will be ironed out.

  2. Someone said something to me yesterday that makes me think this might well be true.

    • Care to expand…? :)

    • Well, in the great words of brent8223 from IGN, “Let the next round of the Console wars begin! *Blows war horn made out of a large animal tusk*”

  3. Backwards compatibility for both consoles is surely a must then if they plan to release so soon, that they can announce it at this year’s E3.

    • Was going to say this too, can you imagine if they didn’t put backwards compatibility in?
      I think I’d go out and buy an Xbox.

      • Well the launch console all uselly have backward compatibility. But the downside is that the console will be more expenssive.

      • Depends if it uses the same Cell architecture as PS3 (extremely likely considering Sony bought the cell processor plant from Toshiba) if that’s the case Backwards compatiblity won;t require any added hardware to emulate different tech like the 1st ps3 models. As it would just be like on PC with getting Windows 8 from Windows 7 the games will still work the same maybe even better with increased ram (cough skyrim cough).

    • I’m not sure how they could pull this off in Sony’s case. You’d either have to pack in a cell processor or something that is powerful enough to emulate it and I thing both options are too expensive.

  4. Can’t wait! Love the build up to new hardware launches. This could be exciting.

  5. I’m not sure I’d bother with a PS4 unless it’s out in late 2014. PS3 is a great console, I enjoy playing. However I can see Sony not wanting to be too behind this time around as they’ve had to claw back this generation.

    Backwards compatablility is a must be after the complaints with the PS3.

  6. very happy looking forward to E3 plus new Vita stuff as well :)

  7. Sony will reveal their new Console The Playstation X and Microsoft will reveal their new Online Service running on the Playstation X

    you heard it here first :-D

    • The PSX was released around 2003 and failed to see a release outside of Japan

  8. One source is “exemplary, 100% concrete, ultra high level.” with regard to both Sony and MS plans? Very suprising.

    • Double agent. Don’t tell anyone.

    • Or, the person is high up in E3 and is privy to both companies’ plans, no?

      • Or maybe, just maybe ’tis the word of god.

        He is all knowing isn’t he?

      • I’m only basing this on trade shows I get involved in (nothing to do with games) but the organisers don’t seem to care one bit what you do with the space you rent, as long as it’s safe and legal. Be suprised if the organisers of E3 had any confidential insider info, unless it’s to do with advertising space Sony/MS have booked?

  9. If this is true people will go mad.
    (and that would be amazing)

  10. I’ve seen a few comments hankering for backwards compatibility in the PS4 but I’d be quite happy to forego that luxury. The reason? Well, I was one of the loaded bunch that bought the launch day PS3 60GB and after a few days of playing Resistance online, I tried out a couple of PS2 favourites. Ouch! They looked awful. Big blocky characters and comparatively simple gameplay mechanics. It really brought home to me how much of a leap there was between the two PS’s, so I’m sure I can live without backwards compatibility in the PS4, especially if it keeps the price down a little.

    • Yeh, I hated backwards compatibility, for the one and only reason, they played and looked crap. Saying that though, if it wasn’t there I would be frustrated not being able to go back. It’s kind of a lose lose situation.

    • Don’t see how backwards compatibility can be done without a CELL processor included as I doubt the PS4 main processor will be one, since development was discontinued.

    • Amphlett, it’s more about having a full library of games to play while decent games start to appear on the new console.

      How long was it before good games started appearing on the PS3? For those less able to stock up on the crappier games, it’s important that we can play the great games we were playing only a few months ago on the new console.

      I think backwards compatibility is very important in a launch console, they can revise it down in later iterations.

    • i would suggest they ship the PS4 with some kind of expansion port so they can add backwards compatibility by the means of a cartridge.

      • good idea.

      • Expansion port, sounds so 80’s. That being said the PS2 had a little used one.

      • I have a further idea… Those who want backward compatibility should keep their PS3s rather than trading them in for the PS4s and stop putting pressure on Sony, and Sony’s margins, just because they want to play old games. Just have a little think about it…

        It will cost Sony significant money to include BC in the PS4 which will cut in to their margins or, even worse, increase their losses (juts like PS3/PS2 BC).

        I, and others like me, couldn’t give a toot about BC, so any, if any, price cut based upon lack of BC will be welcomed. Who knows, the PS4 might be a slightly less bulky machine than the fat PS3 as a result.

        People who want BC should keep their PS3s and swap the cables over whenever they want to play PS3 games.

        Just an idea.

      • That is far too sensible Amp, shhhh!

      • Nah, I’d rather have my cake and eat it thanks, or put my PS3 in another room and use the PS4 as a first choice.

        BC PS4, even if it costs more and takes up more space, is much better than a side by side PS3 and 4.

    • i played quite a few ps2 games on my original ps3, before it died >_<

      i still play ps2 games pretty often now, i just have to have my ps2 set up at taking space, not to mention the hassle of having to switch cables round.

      so there are probably at least as many people who do want backwards compatibility as those that don't.

      as for making it cheaper, they took the emotion engine out of the eu ps3, but did they reduce the price?

      • Thats because they were making an operational loss though on every PS3 sold. They removed it because their losses on the cost to build and ship each PS3 was running into the millions and starting to effect Sony’s reputation on the financial markets

      • yeah, but we didn’t benefit did we?
        we got it late and with less features.
        but did we get any kind of compensation for that?

        if it means it costs us less to buy them maybe i could agree with no BC being a good thing.

        but on the whole i’d rather have one machine that could play ps3 and ps4 games than needing two separate machines.

      • We have kind of benefitted, if Sony hadn’t managed to get the PS3 turning a profit for them, then what incentive would they have to build a PS4 at all.

    • I suppose it all depends on how much of a technological leap the PS4 is in comparison to the PS3. If its a major step forward then backwards compatibility should be overlooked.
      Although when it comes to including BC for PS4, Sony will be thinking one thing, including it on PS3 was a major contributor to them selling the PS3 at a loss for the first few years of its life, they will do everything they can to not repeat that mistake, that’ll be the key to whether BC is included or not

    • Just because you don’t want it, it don’t mean i can’t have it :D

      SONY said people they asked who had a PS3 said they don’t care about PS2 playback so they took it out. But i ‘care’ about PS2 playback so now i can’t play my PS2 games because of other people? :-/ (saying that i think SONY removed it because of cost anyway) LoL

      • I guess nobody is going to happy. The only difference between not having it, and having it then removing it is at least you are prepared. People knew the PS3 had it so sold their PS2. Then it was removed and people felt let down.

        Now if they say straight from the off that the PS4 does not have BC, then people won’t sell their PS3. Therefore less people like yourself will actually (in theory) be less pissed off about it.

    • I’d argue that the jump from PS2 to PS3 was a jump to HD quailty. The PS4 is going to start with this so games won’t look as bad, especially not the later ones.

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