Community Round-Up: 07/01/12

Welcome back TSAgents! I hope you’ve all had a good break, I certainly have. There’s been plenty of content that’s gone up, so gather around for 2012’s first Community Roundup!

There’s nothing new just yet, but for those of you wondering about Modern Warfare Master, we’re looking at rescheduling it sometime soon. A patch is inbound before the end of the month that should address some issues, but it sadly doesn’t look like it will increase the maximum participants in a private match. Fear not, as I’m working on a way to split into parties and run the event around this issue.

Previous participants will of course have already secured their place. Stay tuned for more info!

Those of you who like to play Uncharted 3 online have also been given a friendly challenge and invitation to a little clan competition being run over on the official EU PlayStation forums. Tef thinks this sounds like a great idea, and if enough people volunteer we’ll enter a team and see how we fare!

First up on the meets list this week is Sanmartinez’s Bioshock 2 meet takes place at 9pm tonight. Then on Monday, theberzerka hosts the usual Mondays Motorstorm Madness meet, taking place at 8pm.

Stanley’s also created a meet listing for Gran Turismo 5 for Monday at 7PM. The regular racers have been giving GT5 a big welcome to the New Year with lots of impromptu meets of an evening. So for all your sim racing action, sign up here, and keep an eye out on twitter or your PSN list!

As I type, there’s a meet created for Payday, and in desperate need of a fourth man to join them for a heist or two. Get there for Wednesday, and synchronise your watches for a 7PM start.

Lastly, there’s the regular Uncharted 3 meet on Thursday evening, starting around 7PM. I expect there will also be a Battlefield 3 meets popping up for Friday evening, but as I type this, there’s nothing as yet!

Looks like you’re all keeping busy with meets, for the time being. If there’s nothing to your tastes remember you can host your own Meet provided you have at least 250 TSA points.

Review-wise, I think we’re still in the post-Christmas lull, but fear not, I’m sure it will pick up again soon. The only game review we have for you today is Dan’s thoughts on All Zombies Must Die!

The PS Vita was released in Japan and Hong-Kong not long ago, and Alex has TSA’s first review of it. Following Vita’s second week sales figures and the gaming media’s reaction to it, Alex has shared his personal thoughts on the media’s perception to the news.

There have recently been some interesting blogs on TSA, firstly with Toby’s “The Quest For Perfection” and secondly with Kris’s “Falling for FIFA”. Both are well worth a read if you missed them.

Now here’s some content that I’m sure a lot of you missed as it went up right over the holiday period (but don’t worry, we forgive you). The final rundown of TSA’s Top 100 of 2012 ended with The Last Guardian taking the final spot. Close behind it was the Tomb Raider reboot in at number two, and third place saw BioShock Infinite.

Also over Christmas TSA’s GOTY’s of 2011 were published. Here are the main ones: Uncharted 3 took the award for PS3 Exclusive, and Gears of War 3 came out on top in the 360 Exclusive category. Most importantly, Portal 2 won the prestigious title of Overall GOTY. So do you agree with those choices, or do you feel another game was more worthy? Let us know in the comments of those articles!

This week also saw WeView resume with Skyrim, so you can let us know your thoughts for one of 2011’s biggest games and the title that game in second place to Portal 2 for our Overall Game of the Year.

Yesterday not only brought us What We Played #34 via Greg where the gang share what they’ve been playing over the Christmas break, but also saw the start of a new series of articles. It’s imaginatively called “Are Games Too Expensive? Part One”.

Lastly, Tuffcub has been waving his massive pole around again, this time focusing on Zombies. Do you still love some zombie-infested action, or have you had enough? Let us know your thoughts.

Let’s peak into the forums now, and see what’s been going on.

Remember, you need to be a registered member to be able to venture into general chat, and you do so at your own peril!

That’s all for this week, once again I hope you all had a good Christmas and I hope those New Year Resolutions are still going strong! See ya!

– Bringing in the New Year, and ousting the gibberish machine once more was Gazzagb. Huzzah!



  1. First round up of the year and there is quite a lot going on at TSA already :) There were quite a few guest articles this week, from Death_In_Flamez, Me, Bodachi and Posem which are a good read too :)

    • There’s been LOADS of great content since the last update. It’s pretty crazy how much there was.

      • Too much to cover infact :P it’s great!

  2. And check out the meets forum for the upcoming GT5 Karting tournament!

  3. It’s good to know that most of the com team is still alive as the amount of alchol they drunk should have killed them and Adam actually ended up marrying the poster of Val Kilmer and Tef married a mop. :P

    I’m surprised that you didn’t mention the guest articles Gazzagb. *grabs the TSA GC forum weapon of choice and smacks Gazz with it* :p Also, I may have put laxative in the TSA tea and milk supply. ;)

    • Bit awkward now, since AG and I share a bed…. It’s only big enough for two not four!

      • Pics or it never happened!….”Mike, stop nudging me!”

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